Friday, June 19, 2009

Me? In the band?

Here is one reason why I haven't had time for crafting or decorating...I found a new hobby. Or it found me. I joined a band. I didn't even want to admit this. It's crazy!! Here is the shortest version I can come up with.

I went to an open session to learn to play guitar. A friend told me about it. She is a singer with the band that the teacher, John has. I enjoyed learning guitar, but I did not like it when he told me to sing along with my playing. In fact, I even complained about it and he gave us all a lecture on "self sabatoge".

Then, my friend found out she would be moving away and John asked me to learn how to sing. Was he CRAZY? Or just hard of hearing???? I said yes (why did I do that?). The next thing I knew, John was giving me a crash course in vocals. I had so many moments of doubt and terror!! I was asking myself "what am I doing?" and "am I crazy?". But, John kept telling me to trust him and I did. And, I'm glad. I have faced a fear so huge....I cannot even express it.

On Wednesday, I performed in public. It was scary, and thrilling at the same time. It was at the Farmer's Market and honestly people weren't really paying attention, so that was good!!

I didn't tell anyone I know that I was doing this. I think my biggest fear was that someone I know would see (and hear) me. Well, of course lots of people were there that I knew. And, I survived.

I learned so much. About music, about life, about myself. When that day finally arrived, I wasn't nervous anymore. I just got so tired of worrying and being nervous. What possible good can come from those feelings? Besides, I had my mentor, John, right there and the lovely Sarah. Sarah is a fabulous musician, her guitar playing is so beautiful, it will bring you to tears! And, her sweet support was so special to me!! If you are reading this Sarah....thank you!

When the moment of truth arrived, I felt like I had jumped out of an airplane and it was FUN. Exilarating! More please!!

I have committed to the entire summer and I'm actually looking forward to the next time. I never saw this coming, I never dreamed about doing something like this, I never thought I COULD or WOULD. But, somehow I knew that the journey would be worthwhile and that I would learn valuable life lessons along the way. And, I'm looking forward to more of the same.



  1. Ok, that's the coolest thing, ever!
    How awesome!
    Good for you for putting yourself out there and trying something new.
    (of course, I was really hoping there would be a video accompanying this post. We want to hear, too. Next time, right?) :-)


  2. Well...BRAVO! Way to go! That's so cool that you did that...if you could stand up there and do something you never thought you can do Anything! You go girl!

    I agree with Kimberly...let's see some video. We'll be cheering you on!

    p.s. You looked real good...cute outfit!

  3. Congratulations on your new accomplishment! That is so awesome. You must have had some raw, undeveloped talent that John saw in you. Believe me, NO ONE would be asking me to sing in public! I can't carry a tune in a bucket, as the saying goes.

  4. Hey Stephanie!
    Its been a while :) Im glad I found your blog again now that Im back to blogging with a new blog. I plan to blog more regularly once we move into our new cottage. Only 18 more days....yay! :)
    So nice to see ya again.

  5. You are probably on vacation by now, but I want to yell, Woo HOO! Good for you. What an accomplishment. You described the feelings so well.

    Now are we getting a video? Would love to see it. Hope you have/had a wonderful time away.


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