Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day

I just sent an email and at the end I wished the recipient "Happy Memorial Day". That got me thinking about how little I know about this "Holiday". I was wrong. It's not a "Happy" day at all. It was originally intended to be a day of remembrance. A somber occasion.

I am truly, personally...grateful to those who serve our country in the military. They give so much to protect all of us. And, some have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Yes, I am having a Barbeque, with my family. We will gather together and have a wonderful time. We will talk about whatever we wish and eat whatever we wish....relishing in our freedom and living out the promise of this country that so many have fought to protect.

Thank you to all who are serving, have served or have a loved one who is or was in the United States Military.


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