Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm Late......Pink Saturday!!

I'm Late....for a very important DATE!! It's Pink Saturday!!

If you are in the mood for Pink....stop by Beverly's and you will be amazed!!

I've had a busy week. Not complaining! Since I work from home, I spend a lot of time in my wonderful home office. And, it's not without no are some pink post its:

And, my pink camera! (my newest one is there a day for Red?)

And, my favorite pen. I used to lose pens all the time. Then someone told me to buy an expensive pen and I would never lose it. It worked!! I have had this pen for so many years, at least 10! It has blue ink, red, black and pencil, it even has an eraser! And, it's PINK!! (so my husband won't even touch it!!)

Happy Pink Saturday!!


  1. Hi Stephanie...

    Thanks for sharing all you sweet pink office things. My own home office has lots of pink too, from pink scissors, pink stapler, pink ruler, etc... You get the idea. I love to surround myself with pink, so I can be happy even when I'm working. Happy Pink Saturday!!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Stephanie.

    I love that you have pink in your office. I've had a pen I've had for over forty years. That's a long time. ;-)

  3. Maybe your new camera isn't really RED but DARK PINK!

  4. So funny I'm always looking for things pink. Happy pink day. Denise

  5. The pinks are all beautiful. I am going to try the more expensive pen idea - I never can find mine. Have a wonderful new week.

  6. You have some sool pink stuff in you home office!

  7. I want those pink boxes girl - so pretty! Have a fun weekend!

  8. Hi Stephanie,

    Happy Pink Saturday! I know - last week was fast and crazy!

    Have a cup of tea and relax.

    Take care,

  9. Hi Stephanie, this is my first time at your blog and I enjoyed reading a lot of your recent posts. Congrats on your anniversary, you got married 1 year ahead of us. I LOVE your big 80s hair in your wedding photo ... don't remember whose site had a big 80s hair party recently, but it was great.

    Happy pinkie day!


  10. Super fun! I love your pink camera! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

  11. YEAH for PINK CAMERAS old one that got ruied in a car crash a few months ago was new one is silver. We should have a red day AND a purple day for me! LOL!

  12. Lovely pink post, very clever too! *Happy Pink Saturday*

  13. I like your pink office stuff :0).
    I know I'd still lose the pen. I'm bad that way.
    Have a great one!

  14. Stephanie ~ I would hang on to a beautiful pen if I had one like that too! Love your office accessories.

  15. Happy belated pink Saturday, I hope your day is a great one!

  16. Love your pink office stuff! Thanks for stopping by.


  17. That is such a great idea to have a nice expensive pen so you make sure you don’t lose it. I never lose my wonderful, colorful, fine point, sharpie markers because I love them a lot! But, I think I need to give my hubby an expensive pen, he seems to lose quite a few at his work. Btw, there is a day for red! Ruby Tuesday: Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for commenting on my blog too!

    Heidi Jo the Artist

  18. Looks like you are definitely a pink lover too. I enjoyed seeing all your pink things from weeks past as well. Just a few days and it will be Pink Saturday again. I'm so glad Beverly started the Pink Saturday thing. It's something most women have in common.
    Have a great week.

  19. I love your pink camera! I want it! Mine is red also.

    and that pen..: where did you get it? what brand is it?
    Loved your post!
    Happy week.

  20. LOL! So that's the answer! I need a "pink" pen to keep Sweet Hub from stealing mine! LOL. Thanks!


  21. ooh, I love having pink office supplies. It makes me so happy :) I got a new camera this summer & my first question to my hubby was if it came in pink.
    Thanks for stopping by & your sweet comments. Have a great week


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