Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beading Circle's Beading Circle! What a fun time! We all meet up at The Hole Affair and work on individual projects. It's a time for sharing, inspiration and friendly chat.

This is the classroom in the back of the store. (see more of the store at

This is Annette, the owner of the store, hiding behind her computer!

From the left: Cookie, Queen of Peyote; Rosanne owner of a quilt store called The General Store; Brenda, she can make anything and is SO creative!

Brenda's Tiny ornaments:

That's me behind Brenda.

This is Rosanne's cuff, isn't it gorgeous?

This is Anne, my knitting buddy and Roseanne's mom.

This is Kathleen. She teaches classes at The Hole Affair and she is such an inspiration!! I can't say enough about her artistry and creativity!

This is Nannette, another one of my knitting buddies.

And this is Nannette's project, socks. They have the cycles of the moon, isn't that so neat?

Kathleen is showing me the peyote stitch. I may have something to show soon. Fingers crossed!!

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