Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweater Makeover

This sweater is hideous. And, yes...I admit to purchasing it myself...brand new. Clearly, it was a mistake purchase. The appeal for me was the softer than soft fabric that was also in colors that I like. Perhaps you are thinking that I just need to unzip it and it will suddenly be lovely:

Nope. Still ugly! So, if I'm never going to wear it...what's the harm in chopping it up and seeing what will happen? Here is the "first" cut. I cut off the tight part of the sleeves and the tight band at the bottom:

Nope. Still ugly. Hmmmm. Is that it? Time to toss it? Let's cut it again....shorter:

Well, that's better. But, what's up with those sleeves? I don't like them at all! Off they go! I removed the long zipper and cut it down and YAY! I love the outcome. I will certainly wear this.

What else do I have that I don't wear? Where are those scissors?


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