Friday, October 17, 2008

Scarf to Vest Makeover

This is something I saw in a magazine. I like the one in the magazine better (go figure). This is a test and I think I will try it again. This is the "after" front view. I am going to try to find some kind of cool clasp to try in the front or just leave it alone...what do you think?

This is the "after" back view.

This is what it was before. It was one of those long wide scarves. It wasn't as wide as the one in the magazine. If I try again, I will use a wider one so that I can make the back longer in a drapey triangle.

It is made by cutting the scarf into 3 pieces. The 2 with fringe are the front and the square is used for the back.

I'm looking for another scarf to cut up.

It's those scissors again, they are out of control!!!

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