Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last chance for fall colors in the mountains

Come take a drive with us!  The fall season is slipping away and we decided to take one last trek up the mountains to see the fall colors and take pictures.  The last time we drove up there, the lighting wasn't the best.  On this day, it was overcast.  Perfect for pictures.  

Our first stop was for this rock formation on the side of the highway.  Hubby took this picture.  I got out and felt that biting wind and ran straight back to the warmth of the car!

We drove on and this was our next stop.  It wasn't windy at all, and not so cold.  Hubby took this picture of me taking a picture.  
One of the main reasons I was so eager to take yet another drive "up country", was to practice my own photography.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

This cool, weathered tree was right beside the highway.  

We pulled in to see this bright yellow grove of Aspens.  We tromped around taking tons of pictures.  

When I saw this creek, I thought it was beautiful.
Hubby and I started to think there was something familiar here.  It didn't take us long to figure out that we were on the opposite side of our favorite "waterfall hike".  I don't know why, but this was an exciting discovery.
Right on the other side of Oyster Creek, I can see the familiar hiking trail that I have walked down many many times.
Hubby was off in his own photographer world, so I just looked around to see what interesting things I could take pictures of.  I like the tangled feeling of these aspens.

This is a picture that I took of hubby, taking pictures.  He loved it so much, he wanted to put it on his photography blog.
When I look at this picture, I realize that I have a lot to learn about photoshop. Hubby did his photo editing magic to it and WOW, it looks so much better than it did when I edited it.  You can see his photography at
I took this picture of a log that had interesting cuts in it.  Did someone have a little trouble cutting this tree down?  Hubby says it's his favorite picture of mine from the day.  He says that the one yellow leaf on top was the thing that did it for him. I would like to say that I placed it there, but no.  It was just as it is.

This is not a great picture, but I wanted to show you this cool tree with blue berries on it.  
I just love the way that the berries make the tree look blue.
They look good enough to eat, but I wouldn't dare risk it!
Another cool tree nearby.  I'm showing it to you because I had walk through bushes to take this picture!
Up the road a little further was a favorite spot of hubby's that he wanted to check out. West Fork Carson River.  It was beautiful.  By this time it was getting pretty cold.  We saw some snow dust on the highway.  Too windy for his purposes.  We started to head down the hill.
You can not drive past this cabin without taking a picture.  It's probably one of the most photographed cabins anywhere.  So, we stopped.  It was FREEZINGLiterally.  It started to snow.  The first snow of the season!  Brrrrr.  
As we drove down the mountain, the sunset was amazing.  By the time we stopped, it was too late.  Those wonderful sunsets are so fleeting.  Here are a few photos I took through the windshield.

Did you enjoy your tour of the mountains in the fall?  I heard it really snowed up there that night and the next day.  Next up, snow pictures?

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