Thursday, November 22, 2012

Home for Thanksgiving

We usually have a quiet Thanksgiving around here.  In recent years our kids have been busy working, living far away and the result is a quiet dinner with whoever can make it.

This year was different!  With our new little addition to the family, our new grandson Jamie, everyone wanted to come home.  The house was full and the visit was just the best ever!  There is talk of making Thanksgiving a time for everyone to come home EVERY year! Wow!  That would be the best!  Here are the highlights:

My granddaughters were so excited to meet Buster.  He was happy too!!

It's easy to see that it was all about the baby.

Uncle Jesse burned the cookies.  We all think he takes after his Dad in this.

Pookie was in heaven!

My granddaughters are growing up so fast!


My oldest son, Dance (read his blog here), did almost all of the cooking!  

Best Thanksgiving ever!!

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