Monday, October 8, 2012

Maternity Tutu

I was looking at photography websites and I saw some beautiful pictures of pregnant ladies with amazing full length tutus.  Here is the website, her photos are amazing:  I wanted to try to take a similar picture of my daughter and I thought I could make a tutu for her.  I procrastinated as usual and suddenly time was running out.  My daughter came over and helped me make the tutu and then she posed for the picture.  I went online and got some great ideas for making the tutu and here is what we did.

I chose these colors because I LOVE THEM and I knew that they would look good on my daughter.

I made a quick measure of how long I wanted it to be and then I just laid out the fabric and started cutting in to strips.

I found some ribbon in my stash that looked good with the fabric and I started to tie the strips on to the fabric.  It took a few tries to get all the knots to face the same way.  Also,

I was tempted to pull too tightly on the knots.  They are much prettier when they are loose.  I just tied the end of the ribbons to keep it in place.

And, here is the tutu!  Lovely! (if I may say so myself!)

And, here is my beautiful daughter (9 months pregnant) posing for me.  

By the way....this is my first photo since taking my photography class.  I got flustered with the camera controls....I have sooooo much to learn!

Isn't she pretty?  Still my princess.  Now...for the baby!

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