Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary Honey

In our busy lives, we both sort of forgot our anniversary.  And here it is.  Twenty nine years today.  I have a hard time even figuring out the years!  So, next year we will make a big deal about it....if we remember, lol.

We were high school sweethearts in 1975.  He was a senior and I was a sophmore.  I remember the first time I saw him was the day I registered for school.  He was the student body president and I saw him in the office.  I certainly didn't have him in my radar, he was a senior after all and I was brand new.  He says the first time he saw me was in the breezeway and I was wearing a purple coat.  His friends did not believe that he would ask me to the prom, but he did. And, I was delighted.  It was our first date.

By the time he graduated, my family had already moved away and I had to come back to go to the ceremony.

We tried to stay a couple, but long distance just didn't work out and we went our separate ways.  We both thought about each other.  I always thought he was the "the one" and he says he felt the same.  Years later we reconnected and I moved to California with my two kids. 

He fell in love with both of them immediately. I always knew that he would make a great dad.  In fact, when he proposed to me, he asked them first.  They both said yes!  Of course.  

Life as a family came naturally and we have had so many happy memories.  

 Our first Halloween as a couple.  I made my costume.

Hanging out with friends.  We loved our matching t-shirts.  Mine said "California Girl", his said "California Girl Watcher", and the kids both said "California Kid".  

This was Thanksgiving.  Me and the kids were just visiting....to see if things would work out.  I was living in Portland. I didn't want to leave....ever.  Within a month, he came to get me and bring me to Cali.

We got married October 9th, 1983.  It was right here, where we live.  Up on the hill.  The same spot where our daughter got married just 5 years ago.  As I searched for pictures for this blog post, I realized that just the two of us aren't in all that many pictures together.  He is always behind the camera.  We have million pictures, literally!  16 photo boxes, 9 albums and a hutch FULL of photos.  And, that was before digital! 

Just like with anyone, life isn't perfect.  We have to make our compromises just like anyone else.  The truth is that we are just a good match.  I love him way more today than I could have imagined 29 years ago.  We have fun and enjoy being together.  In fact, there is nobody I would rather spend time with.  He really is "the one".  

Here we are just recently on the beach in Santa Barbara.  Me and my hubby.  


  1. This is so romantic!! I love the whole story...it's like a TV movie...in the best way :) You two are so cute Stephanie. Congrats on 29 years of love&marriage.

  2. You were and are a beautiful couple!! So romantic and I wish you lots of happiness in your 29th. Anniversary! We were married in Feb. 1975, so we will be 38 happily married years, we are so blessed. May you celebrate another 29 yeqars together. Big hugs,

  3. Hi Stephanie, looks like you have some wonderful memories to fonder over and the years rolling sweetly by. I found you through mutual followers and I hope that we can become mutual followers, too. I too am a wife, mother and grandma, I sing and play guitar with a couple local groups. We perform at the county fair, farmer's markets and entertain at the nursing homes in the area. Life is good! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through blogging. Have a great day, and stay happy, Connie :)


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