Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wine Waterfall and Deb's Dangles

 I don't like to clean the house, I don't like to do yard work.  What was I thinking when I decided to have a Garden Party?  When it was time for the party...I was exhausted!

On the plus side, I am completely enjoying my clean house and yard.  Maybe I should have a party every couple of weeks!  

The occasion for this party was to showcase my friend Deb and her jewelry business.  She makes all her own jewelry.  Some of those jewelry parties out there can get expensive!!  Deb's earrings are ALL $12.  What a deal!!

We set her up in the tent. 

She had a very nice display.  It was already getting dark, so I brought out a lamp and some flashlights.

This was a Wine, Waterfall and Earring party.  So, of course, we had plenty of wine! 


And the Waterfall!  Thank goodness for the great weather! 

Lot's of yummy food.  Thanks to my wonderful Mother in Law for the Banana Bread with 2 different spreads and plenty of deviled eggs!

For my crafty friends....I had a TON of this green fabric.  I used some of it to make  some outdoor chair covers (see next pic) I made a zillion years ago.  So, I got it out and cut it to fit all the tables.  I didn't hem it or anything.  It was a last minute thought and I love how it turned out.  

Ah.  So nice. 

My dear daughter the "Cork Mistress and Wine Expert"!

Here is Deb, the Jewelry Designer (right).

Too much to choose from!!

Deb was surprised when my mother in law wanted the "skull" earrings!! Ha Ha!  She will wear them for Halloween.

It was a lovely night!  Thanks to everyone who came.

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