Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling Groovy

I was getting ready for a party last weekend that our band was playing for (check out my band blog), the party was Hippie themed.

I decided that my hair do would be to part my hair down the middle and straighten it.  After I was finished, I had deja vu.  This is the exact hair do I wore in high school.  I was class of 77.  We didn't have curling irons or flat irons.  The "Blow Dryer" had just come out! 

I don't have naturally straight hair.  In high school, to have straight hair, I used to lay my head on the ironing board and iron my hair with the iron.  

I burned my head a couple of times because if you didn't get real close to the scalp, you would have a bump.  Yuck.  No bumps please.  I finally came up with a little technique of holding a comb next to my scalp and that worked.  It took FOREVER to accomplish this. 

Now....What a treat to be able to straighten my hair with a flat iron.  So easy!!  And, no injuries!!

When we first started doing the Hippie Themed shows, I had to get an outfit to wear.  I did some research and came up with either wearing "authentic" hippie clothes, which are kind of a free for all, no shoes and not all that "showy" or a "costume" which might be more entertaining.   I chose "costume".  

I have a costume that I got from Ebay last summer.  It was much too revealing for me, so I did some adjusting.  I added a waistband...these pants were waaaaay too low for this Grandma!  And, the top didn't cover up much at all.   I added some "fringe" to the top and some beads here and there.  I've been tinkering with it over the last year.

I had added some beads to the sleeves, but many of them fell off.  So, I sat down to  replace them with something better.  

First I decided to bring my supplies out to the deck and enjoy the nice weather.

I looked at my choices and picked some beads that I thought would be perfect.

And, some wonderful refreshment...a shake...not just any all about it here.

Taa daa!   Just right!  

If we keep doing the Hippie Theme, I'm going to need a new costume, because I'm getting tired of this one!!

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