Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fashion, Magazines & Fall??

Is it fall? Is summer over? It feels like summer never really happened at all. We had a really late spring and it just hasn't been all that hot for all that long. And, now Labor Day has passed. The Official Day to switch out my wardrobe. Well, I never really get it done that soon, but it's the day I start thinking about it. Do you pack away your out of season clothes? I love to switch. It's extra work, but I think it's worth it.

I love fashion. Have I told you that? I'm sure I have, many times. I get so excited whenever it's Thursday and I get to watch Project Runway! I would love fashion even more if I was taller, thinner and richer!!

Do you give much thought to your own personal style? Or does it just happen? I think about it a lot, because again, I just like clothes and such. But, for me, it DOES just happen a lot of the time. I'm REALLY in to comfort. I like soft fabrics and I don't like tight clothing. (I even wish I never had to wear a bra ) I just read a quote from Tim Dunn, Project Runway (LOVE HIM!) on this very subject from Marie Claire: "I get very impatient with the whole "comfort issue" with clothing. Yes, you don't feel as comfortable in clothes as you do in your pajamas. That's a good thing. Your navigating a world where you need to have your wits about you. If you're in a lackadaisical comfort haze, you can't be engaged in the world the way you need to be." Hmmm. As I read that, I was in my daily uniform of comfy sweats. Can't looking great be comfortable? There must be a way.

I love to read magazines and get ideas. But, wow, that can get expensive, right? When you leave behind your magazines on the airplane, the flight attendants, like my daughter, pick them up and keep them. She brought me this entire selection. LOVE HER!!

Yes, I do LOVE magazines. But, I don't love having piles of them sitting around the house. So, I have a system for reading magazines and I'm going to share it with you. I read the magazine, page by page (rather quickly), stopping when I like something. If I like a picture, I tear it out. If I think I might want to read an article again (instructions or such), I tear it out. After I'm done, that magazine can get filed in the garbage.

These are my tear outs from today.

I have folders for my main catagories like: fashion, crafts, decorating etc. Then when I want to make something, I pull out the folder for ideas. I love looking through these folders. All my favorite ideas...all in one place!

I have had these folders for many years!!


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  2. Stephanie,

    Awesome blog! Randomly I do the same thing with my magazines (except I do a dog ear and a second round before the tear).

    Can't wait to see more posts!

  3. Love magazines for ideas! I had just a few Jet Blue points that were about to expire. Not enough for a ticket. So, I found out you could get magazine subscriptions. What a treat!!! After not having any for four years, I now have six different ones for a year.


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