Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Fashion" Rules


Do you follow any "fashion rules"? Did you even know that there used to be (and still are to some) "fashion rules"...."do's and don'ts" if you will. Some rules have been forgotten, some are just ignored, and some are entirely practical (in my opinion).

I will admit that I DO follow some fashion rules. I pack away my winter clothes every spring and bring out my summer clothes. One thing that I look forward to is my summer purse. It's "straw" so, it is only a summer purse. I splurged on a Brighton purse. This year is my THIRD year with this purse. So, if I break it down by the's becoming a very affordable purse after all!! Brighton sure knows how to package....don't they?

I love the bright pretty bags.

And, it came with a great box to store it.

Inside the box is a bag. That really makes it more of a "treasure".

And, here it is!! It has lots of my favorites, the crochet at the top, tassles on the sides.....

A pretty lining and LOTS of pockets for all my stuff.

Here are some more "fashion rules" that I follow. Easter starts the summer season. No matter what the weather....I will not wear winter only things (like boots) after Easter. Labor Day starts the winter season. I actually change out my closet each season. It's a great time to re-assess my wardrobe. I purge those things I didn't actually wear. I also make a list of things I need for the new season. I have a sort of 'all season' part of my wardrobe that stays in year round. And, each changeover, I keep one or two outfits for those days when the weather is un-seasonal.

Last fall, I took this even further. I took a picture of myself in all of my clothes, so I could really see what everything looked like. I just set up my tripod and snapped away! Wow. It was a real eye opener. Some of my favorites really didn't flatter me at all!! Some things that I NEVER wear, looked pretty good. I'm going to do it again with my summer clothes. It helped me let go of a lot of clothes that I don't need or want. And, it made getting dressed every day so much easier. My closet had room to breathe and I knew that EVERY item in my closet was a true favorite.

Summer DO'S
(also counts as Winter DON'TS) remember....these are just my own:

  1. Linen fabric (or linen look alike)
  2. lighter colors
  3. shorts & capris
  4. tank tops
  5. straw purses & hats
  6. sandals
  7. white shoes (I don't actually have any white shoes....but if I did, they would be only for summer!)
Winter DO'S (also counts as Summer DON'TS):

  1. velvet
  2. suede
  3. heavy sweaters
  4. wool
  5. boots
  6. tights (haven't worn them lately....but if I did....)
What about you? Do you have any "fashion rules" that you follow? Leave a comment and tell me more "rules" to put on my list!

Do you think that different parts of the country see the rules differently? I have always thought that California (where I live), is a lot more relaxed about fashion rules. Do you agree? I would love to hear about the do's and don'ts in your part of the country!!

This may sound overwhelming to some of you. For me, it's important and fun. You see, I have ALWAYS loved clothes and fashion. In fact, in the 80's and 90's I was an Image Consultant. I used to show people which colors looked the best on them, and which clothing flattered their figure. Then there is the clothing "personality" style. You can really tell a lot about a person from their wardrobe.
What does your wardrobe tell people?

I've been waaaaay to busy to pull out my summer clothes, and Easter has come and gone. This weekend is it. It's time.



  1. Okay, first, I love the purse! I have much the same rules, but since I was brought up in New York, summer clothes, i.e. white are totally reserved for Memorial Day to Labor Day. I hate this rule. I want yours. It was especially difficult to pack away white when I lived in Florida and Texas. Someone please tell me the Memorial-Labor Day rule is REALLY way out! Oh, and good idea to take pics in your clothes! I generally hang outfits together, but never have taken a pic.

  2. Love your cute purse...the crochet around the top is so fun!
    Unfortunately, I am not a fashion minded person. Okay, I'm a slob...a slipper and hoodie wearing slob!
    As far as wearing and not wearing certain colors and clothes based on the rule is, no shorts in the winter. Other than that, everything is fair game.

  3. Love, love your purse!

    Let's see, fashion rules...
    I don't have any hard and fast rules. I have a linen skirt that I wear all year, and a light weight velvet one that I wear right up until June.

    Wool, boots, and tights are just for winter, though.

    Kimberly :)

  4. I live in the Pacific Northwest so there are no fashion rules. When it's 60 degrees, people break out their shorts and flip flops! Up here, rules are meant to be broken! At my age, I dress for comfort and not style but I'm no slob either! Enjoyed your post!

  5. OOOOOOHHHH! I just love your straw purse, it's so pretty..I must admit, I don't put my winter clothes away...I wish I was more organized, but I'm not...I always wonder why my closet looks like a bomb went off in it...
    I just love wearing sandals and flip flops..That's really why I love the warm weather..I think I follow the do's and don'ts...

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