Thursday, April 2, 2009

All about the Internet


Tea and Internet. Two of my favorite things!!

I belong to a wonderful Women's Network group in our area. At our monthly meeting I was the speaker and my topic was "The Internet". I love the internet and it was fun to share all sorts of fun places to go online with the group.

While we enjoyed a lovely luncheon and TEA of course, we visited with each other and enjoyed the fellowship of our members. As for my talk, there is never enough time for ALL the things that could be know? We talked about email, websites, blogs (of course), Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Ebay, dating online (that was fun!), and so much more.

Mmmmmm, did I say that the food was WONDERFUL??

As I was gathering my info for the talk, I was reminded of how AMAZING the world wide web is. I have made some TRUE friends online....right from this blog! I don't even like going ONE day without checking in with my email and blog. I love hearing all about what everyone is DOING on facebook. Isn't the internet SO incredible? I am in wonder that I can sit in my little house in the country and reach out in to the world and connect with fantastic people. What a blessing that is.



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