Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Party

I think that 80 is a milestone as far as birthdays go, so I wanted to have a party for my Mother in Law this year. I started talking about it a year ago. The plan was to have a potluck in the yard....set up some tables and chairs etc. It turned out to be so much more than I imagined, it was a lovely day.

I didn't have enough tables and chairs, so we rented these. Don't they look so nice? We woke up to rain (and cold) the day of the party. Wow. That made me nervous. But, later in the day, the sun came out and all was well. It was a little chilly, thankfully we had a heater. And, a friend loaned us two more.

Dear Daughter was the "bartender". She was so good. She and her hubby were great help! Also, my husband's brother was here visiting for the occasion. So, BOTH of Joyce's kids were here. My brother in law was amazing!!! He helped so much, I don't think we could have pulled it off without him!!

This was my BIG surprise. I was hoping to find someone to come over and play the violin for my MIL. I called and called and found this terrific group of ladies who play together. They came and played (WONDERFULLY!) for the party. They didn't know us and they just came out of the goodness of their hearts! Can you believe that? My Mother In Law was super delighted! She is a serious lover of classical music.

Here is the birthday girl (in red), reminiscing with friends as they look through some photos.

Doesn't she look like she is having fun?

This is Chesney of Blue Moon Cafe and Catering in Pine Grove. Oh my goodness!! The food was delicious! Everyone was commenting on it. She did a fabulous job and the presentation was beautiful! If you live in the area, I HIGHLY recommend her for catering....and her restaurant is pretty terrific too!!

These are two friends of mine, Lynn and Lynn...I'm in the middle. Lynn on the left made the awesome cake. She is a danger to my waistline!!! My hubby sketched out a drawing of his Mom's airplane and Lynn put it on the cake. I don't know how she did that!! And, did I mention how yummy the cake was?

MMMMmmmm, MMMmmm, so pretty and delicious too! I love how the frosting is the sky and clouds. Very unique!!

We all sang Happy Birthday....

Wonder what she wished for?

It was a great day. I'm pretty sure that my Mother in Law had a great day.



  1. How wonderful! Looks like a fantastic party!

  2. running late for PS but that just means I got to see the party, lucky me. What a great gathering I'm sure the birthday girl had a great time. heidi

  3. Oh my goodness Stephanie, It looks like you did a wonderful job on your mil's birthday party! The music, the food, the cake, everything looks very impressive...and fun.
    Have a great week,

  4. What a lovely party you gave your MIL!

  5. Looks like such a fun party...Hope everyone had a nice time...I love that cake...

  6. What a lovely party. You MIL looks like a sweetheart. She's lucky to have such a caring daughter-in-law.


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