Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm wearing it right now!

Here it is....another sweatshirt makeover. I'm so excited...I just love it. It's my favorite so far. It's a plain black hanes sweatshirt. I cut it up a bit and added some fabric. This fabric is a small scrap from the thrift store. I love this color.

I love the cut outs. I made them the HARD way...and I learned alllllll about how NOT to do it. It still turned out okay.

This is the cuff on the sleeve. I'm not sure what I was going for here...but I love the result.

Very comfy and cozy!

I still have a few sweatshirts left. Wish I had stocked up more, you sure can't find them in the spring and summer. I also have a stash of sweaters that I want to "refashion".

This was a fun project. I'm looking forward to doing more of it.



  1. Very cute, Stephanie! I love the colors!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. I think I'm going to have to follow you because I am working on altered "couture", also. I have lots of clothing, lots of trims, and lots of ideas. Just need the time. Soon. Plus, you have a house out in the country like ours. Maybe I can learn to like it. :-)

  3. I love your sweat shirt because it is modest and so many altered coutures are not. Could you share with me how you did it unless it is your secret:)
    Thank you,
    ps my email is


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