Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Berry Sweatshirt Refashion

I thought it was time for another sweathshirt "refashion". Here is a little of the process that I go through to make these. First I pick the sweatshirt that I want to work on, this one is a light "berry" color. Some of the pics look pinker than it is.

Then I start looking through my stash for a fabric to use on it. I loved the way this one looked with it. And, it has a border on it, which would look great. One problem is that it is the kind of cottony fabric that will always look wrinkled....next

How about this one? It's one of my favorite pieces and I've already used it on my very first "refashion" which was a black sweater. I love it and wear it all the time. Hmmmm. Maybe.

Hold on! We have a winner! I just love this fabric with the sweatshirt. What do you think?

Next step, I fold the sweatshirt in half and then I cut it straight up the front. Next I cut off the cuffs and the bottom band. Then I play around with what I might want to do. I usually put a few darts in it to give it some shape.
Here is a close up of the cuff. I love bows. I could have bows on everything!!

This is interesting. This fabric was very "stringy" on the edges, it was hard to work with. But, this end of the fabric was already frayed without unraveling, so I used it to go on the bottom. I love the frayed edge.

Found some cool buttons in my stash and I'm going to just have them there for decoration. The closure will be large snaps, I only had silver and I would rather have bronze or gold, so it will have to wait until I can get those.

This is such a fun project, I can hardly wait to do another one. Most people can't believe that they are just sweatshirts!
And, here is the finished sweatshirt jacket. I love the way it turned out! I can't wait to wear it. 


  1. That turned out great! Looks like you had fun with that project.

  2. That is really pretty! It will go with a skirt or jeans. Dress up or dress down. What ever you want to do. And here in the Deep South we are FREEZING! It looks warm!

  3. It's super-darling! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    You're the second person I've "said" this to today: Submit this post to Today's Creative Blog!

  4. Great idea for a plain sweatshirt; it's really cute. I always fret over trouble finding cardigans because I'm allergic to wool; this is absolutely perfect. Thanks so much!

  5. These look great. I will be sure to tell others about this blog.


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