Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eye Candy

Go get a cup of lovely tea and come back for some "Eye Candy".
Yesterday I went over to my new friend Lori's house. She is a wonderful Jewelry Artist among many other interests, sewing, knitting, embroidery...JUST to name a few. I took some great pictures of her studio, BUT I am not going to show them.....because I completely missed taking pictures of her creations!! I will just HAVE to go back (he he) and take some more photos! We have already decided that we need a "crafting" day to make something wonderful together.

The "Eye Candy" is Lori's collection of jewelry. I was in HEAVEN!
And, you will be too! Lori inherited a vast array of jewelry from vintage to anique.
Sit back and enjoy the BLING.

Help us out.
What is this?
We couldn't figure it out. They seem to hook together somehow. And, each one has an end that something could be looped through.

Maybe you loop a fabric belt through and this is the focal piece? If you know, please leave a comment and satisfy our curiosity!

I am a huge fan of these pins and this one is very special. Lori didn't know what the 2 crystal pieces are, but I am very certain that they are shoe pins, can't you just imagine them on a pair of dressy pumps?

It was just one treasure box after another. I love all the PINK here. That bracelet is adorable!

It's a collection that took a lifetime to build. Look at those little green ball & flower earrings. We think that they look 60's. Maybe paired with a short shift dress and "go-go" boots?? And, of course a pouffy hairdo and false eyelashes!!

Mmmmmmm yummylicious!

This was the case that held most of it. I just love these older cases. Don't you?

I promise to take you on the tour of Lori's fabulous jewelry creations, you will be soooo impressed! Watch for it! Thanks for the visit Lori, I had a TERRIFIC time!



  1. Oh what fun! Wish I could help you out on the loopy things. They do look familiar. I love shoe clips. Used to have tons of them. They can really dress up a pair of pumps.

  2. Dreamy. Just dreamy, Stephanie. How nice to have a lovely visit with someone you have a lot in common with!

  3. Did you ever figure out the loopy thingies? They look too short to be bracelets. Maybe they adorned a jacket of some sort.


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