Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!

At what age do you stop spilling the beans about your kids ages? I mean...does my Mom still announce MY age at any time? I will tell dear daughter turned 28! I can't believe it has been 28 years. Where did the time go? I was going through my pictures to choose some to show on this blog...and I was quickly going overboard. Wow! I could have posted hundreds of pictures. I decided to set myself a goal of 5. And, even that was very hard.

When she was born, I already had my sweet son. When my dear daughter came along, we ALL fell in love at first sight! She was so sweet and precious.

Here she is in the same dress that I wore on my 3rd birthday!!

She is a little sister and a big sister. She is the glue in between her two brothers and they both have special relationships. I was worried that she might not want to give up the "baby" position when my youngest son was born. So, when he was born, I told her that I had enough babies and that she could have this one. So, forever, he was HER baby! He is a wonderful grown man now and she is still protective of him!!

I took these photos from a slide show that I made for her wedding. That was a fun project. It took me forever, but I still enjoy looking at it. You can see it here.

My daughter was a "dream" daughter. She did all of the things I always wanted to do and never did! I remember many people telling me that the teen years would be a problem. Well they were NOT! She was a gymnast until high school and a cheer leader all through Jr. High and High School. She made me so proud. I loved all of her activities when I was the Taxi Mom and I loved all her friends. I still miss the chatter. In fact, they (her childhood friends) were all together last spring for the wedding and it made me remember how fun it was to have the loud giggling laughter, squealing and chatter. Those were good times!

When she was born, I had vision of a Miss America title....and I was so very happy with Homecoming Queen. She has a collection of crowns. She was the 2nd runner up in our County contest, and 3 weeks later she had a car accident that cut up her face, it makes me want to cry to even remember that horrible time. I only share it with you to say that she really showed what she was made of then. She went to Junior College with hundreds of black stitches on her face. She just went out there and continued with her life. She told me something so grown up then. She said that she KNEW what it felt like to be pretty. She knew how people treated her. And, then she found out what it felt like to have that taken away. She realized that she was SO much more than just what she looked like. And that is sooo true. She taught me some important lessons.

Of course, the scars healed and you probably wouldn't even notice them now. And, she is STILL pretty!! I'm not biased or anything!!

We have always been close (except for that blip in her early 20's....does every kid go through that?). I love having her in my life, and I can NOT imagine it any other way. I could never even explain how great it is to have a daughter. It's a very special relationship. Wow. Blogging can be hard, because there is sooo very much I could say here. You can imagine!

Currently, she lives close by...well next door actually, and I am so lucky that I get to share in her life. Here is a picture of us on her birthday:

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!! Have a wonderful Year!!



  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter. You are making me miss my daughter. I sure miss our mommy/daughter times as we called them. She lives too far away to have those kinds of times together. But we text each other often. Being hearing impaired I don't talk on the phone at all. Hubby does the talking and relays to me what they are talking about. Your daughter is the same age as my son. He was 28 in December. His wife just turned 27 on Jan 28th. They also live far away. Wahhhhhhh, this mommy is missing her kids. Be glad yours are close by. Lucky you!

  2. Stephanie, you and your daughter are both gorgeous!! My gosh, you look alike! I just loved reading about your relationship. She sounds like a very special young woman! And I LOVE that she is wearing your dress in that early birthday photo - how special! Many Happy Birthday wishes to her!!...Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  3. It's so amazing how fast they grow, isn't it? I have a daughter who is 28, also! What really hit me, though, is when my 2 oldest got into their 30s! (I have a son who will be 33 this year, and a daughter who is turning 31 in a couple of weeks! Your daughter is lovely--Happy Birthday to her! Smiles, Jann

  4. Only this afternoon I was visiting my daughter at her work (she runs a daycare center) and we were talking about how fast our children grow up. Babies stay little for such a short time. We all wished that we could keep them babies for at least two years and then they could start to grow. Silly us! Are we in control. No, but it would be nice as mom's are so busy when children are little that the days fly by and sometimes if it weren't for photographs some of those wonderful moments are gone. You are and your daughter look so happy. What a lovely pair you are. :-)


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