Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guess who's coming?

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I'm so excited!! Guess who is coming to visit??

Here is a clue. Any ideas?

Hmmmm. What's inside the basket?

An adorable miniature tea set...PINK of course!! The two persons who are coming to visit me, well they LOVE this tea set!

And, I keep these dishes on hand.....just for them....PINK, of course!

Have you guessed? Yep, my precious granddaughters are coming to visit this weekend. I was on the phone with my son and he told me that my granddaughter was sad, and missing us. Wow. It's hard to believe that "I" am anyone's grandmother. AND, that she even thinks about me when I'm not there, let alone to actually MISS me. I KNOW that I miss them....SO much! So, I told him that we could meet half way....well to be fair, he will drive for 3 1/2 hours and we will drive for 5 (and that is ONE WAY, we pick them up and turn around for another 5!), but it seems like the best meeting point...I digress, he said sure, and just like that a surprise visit was set in to motion!

Do you other grandmas keep special things for your little ones? I still have to go get their toys out of the closet. They think that I keep them sitting in my living room all the time. Don't tell them, okay?

Even Pookie got an emergency hair cut for the occasion.
He was just TOO tired to pose.

Go ahead and sleep then.

He has no idea what is coming his way.....I think he'd better rest up!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

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  1. have fun with your girls love to visit with their Grandmothers, one is only about 10 minutes away but the other is 3 hours away so they love their little get-a-ways to Granny's in Florida

  2. What an adorable miniature tea set! Have fun with your granddaughters & a weekend of fun tea parties :-)

  3. Oh, what cute tea party sets! And those are two very cute fur babies!

    Happy Pinkness...



  4. You are going to have such a pink-a-licious time with those little girls! Celebrate, grandma, you deserve a good time!

  5. Love the tiny tea set! I have no daughters but keep a little tea set on hand for when friends' daughters come to visit. I got them some dolls, too!

  6. How wonderful for you and them!! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend together!

  7. Have fun with your granddaughters. I am not there yet, but I can imagine how fun that would be, especially if they are pink tea party age. I have plans for those grandchildren of mine that are not even a piece of glitter on the floor of my children's lives. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Erin :)

  8. Have fun w/ your grandaughters...Happy PInk Saturday!

  9. the calm before the sweet children's storm ? LOL rest now why ye can, for i sense gaiety is afoot! LOL

  10. Stephanie, you do not look old enough to be a grandma! But how fortunate to be one.

    What a darling tea set and dishes! I'm sure they will love them. :o)

  11. Ooo, such wonderful pinks. I hope you had a wonderful visit with your grandaughters. Don't we grandmothers go to any lengths to see our little sweeties? I love being a grandma. Happy Pink Saturday and have a happy pink week.

  12. You do NOT look old enough to be a granny!!! What fun to have them come for a visit--the little tea sets will be so enjoyed!! You make me realize that I take how close I live to my little gr.daughter forgranted! It's so wonderful that you make sure you get to spend time with them!
    Your little poochie and kitty look so sweet all snuggled up together!!
    Hope you are having a great PSat!!! Dana

  13. Oh, how much fun you will be having with those granddaughters!! And I love the photo of your kitty and puppy together!! How sweet is that!! I will do the tag within the next day or two - thank you for thinking of me!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  14. Lucky for you to be able to visit with your granddaughters! Have a great time together.

  15. Oh how fun, I hope you have the best visit ever. And I love the pictures of your puppy and kitten, so sweet. Happy belated pink Saturday.

  16. You must have had so much fun with your granddaughters. Being a grandmom is my favorite thing.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Stephanie.


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