Friday, January 9, 2009


I just found Facebook. Do you know about this? I've actually had an account there for a really long time, I just didn't ever get in there figure it out. A friend of mine kept sending me little notices (that I ignored), and FINALLY I got on and played around. Well, I'm HOOKED!

It's a social networking place, kind of like myspace, but NOT. Not at all like blogging as you never really "say" all that much. But, it is very interesting. I found friends from the past, associates from my company and I'm even meeting new friends through groups. In fact, I even found a lady who is knitting a beaded scarf...just as I am doing right now too! take a look at hers:

Are you a Facebook Fanatic? Do you really want to know what your friends are doing, right now, at this minute? Ha!

It's another way to be in touch with the world right here from my house and I love that feeling of being 'connected'.

If you are not on Facebook, I will tell you what "I" am doing right now.

I'm off to an ASG meeting. American Sewing Guild. It's my first time with this group. I am hoping to learn more about making clothing. If you read my blog, you will know that I have struggled with this.


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