Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you Ebay?

I've had good purchases from Ebay and then I've had mistake purchases.

I was looking for ideas for blouses, more for sewing than for buying, and I just HAD to have this top. I don't own anything like it (that was a clue), I wasn't sure I would like the colors (another clue), but isn't it so pretty? In my defense, it was brand new and didn't cost much, and the shipping was free.

Well, I don't think I will ever actually wear it. It's kind of big, and it reminds me of maternity clothes. Do you remember when maternity clothes were loose fitting, empire waist? Not the tight T-shirts they wear these days.

And, it's not "my color". Do you remember Color Analysis? I used to do that, I still think it's helpful to follow, I just can't wear tan and burnt orange. Darn it.

I guess I'll show it to my daughter, maybe she will like it.



  1. I think if you cit it straight across the bottom, removing the gold satin trim and make the sleeves narrower, it will lose the big and overpowering feel.

  2. Didn't you do this once before and pass on a top to your daughter? I feel like I am getting deja vu here. Seems someone made a top, but turned out too tight and passed it to daughter who loved it. I can't remember now if that was you or someone else.

  3. are RIGHT...that was me! My daughter and dil are 2 lucky girls! They have both received lots of my mistakes...then I see them wearing those things and I wonder why I ever gave them away!


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