Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite & Random Things...

I love this blogging world. It's just wonderful to be able to reach out in to the world and meet people without even leaving the house. I like to leave the house every once in a while mind you, but the blogging world is easy to sort of "filter" and find people with similar interests and I enjoy reading all about them and their own world. With that in mind, I have 2 things to share right now. One is that I have been "tagged" by Syndee to share 8 random things about myself. I did this before and I'm not even going to look at it...hope I don't duplicate!

1. I love music. I have an Ipod and I love to listen to it in the car, while I'm sewing, on my treadmill. Can't get enough!
2. I love gadgets. I am always after something new to add to my collection (hence my new photo printer). My cell phone is also a PDA.
3. I love to take pictures. I'm married to a wonderful photographer, so I have been reluctant to take photos myself. I'm older now and I don't care as much what anyone else thinks, so I am now taking pictures and he is enjoying sharing his vast knowledge with limited terms of course.

4. I prefer winter over summer. I'm starting to think that will change because I love the new deck so much, I'm already wishing for summer.
5. I hate to fly. I won't avoid it, I just don't like it.
6. I don't like crowds. I won't go to the movies on a weekend, I stay away from things with lots of people if I can.
7. My favorite color is blue/green.

8. I don't wear rings. They bug me. I'm always taking my wedding ring off and forgetting where I left it. Just for the record, I AM married (happily), so if you see me without my ring, it just means I was doing dishes, or knitting or typing, that's all!

Whew! There. I did it. Now it's your turn. I'm supposed to tag some other lucky folks to share 8 Random things too. All you need to do, is post your 8 things and link back to me on the post. Then leave me a comment so I can read ALL about you!



Another thing I came across is Favorite Five on Friday. I love this idea.
If you would like to know more visit : and you will see all about it.

I try to take time every day, just before I go to sleep to be thankful for things that happened throughout the day. I love Susanne's idea, because it's a way to reflect over the week and be thankful for just 5 favorite things.
Here's my 5:

1. Hair Day on Thursday. I LOVE hair day. I have been going to the same person for a really long time. It's such a treat. Don't you just love having your hair washed and fixed?
2. Beading club on Tuesday. I love my new bracelet and I enjoyed the fun ladies in the group!

3. Yesterday my son and I cooked up a plan to have my granddaughters come for a quick visit this weekend. They miss us and we miss them. I can't wait!!
4. Thrift Stores. I've really been making the rounds this week. Haven't found anything to shout about, but I SO enjoy the hunt!
5. Rain. I'd rather not go out in it, but I DO love the rain. I love the sound, I love the smell, I love how it washes everything clean. We needed it so bad.

What are your favorite 5 things from this week? Take a minute to go to Susanne's and join in the fun, I look forward to seeing what you put down!

Happy Friday to you!



  1. Thanks for playing the tag game. I enjoyed reading your answers. I take my rings off all the time too. I lost the diamond out of my ring one time and now I'm paranoid about losing it again. I always silver hoop earings and my wedding ring when I go out. As soon as I get home they all come off. I have been known to misplace them many times!!

  2. Oh gosh. Thanks for tagging me. I've done this a few times but I'll have to come up with some more random facts about me and bore everyone. LOL I hate to fly too and I hate crowds unless it's a football or baseball game then I don't mind at all. I'll do your meme this week.

  3. Thanks for tagging me. I did a 100 random things post once. I hope I can come up with a few more for this one.

  4. I missed you on Fri Fave!! I loved this list of yours! Isn't it great to take the time to reflect on a few of our favorite things? There are some days where it's hard to find something--but those days are rare! Dana


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