Monday, December 15, 2008

I've been busy!

Yesterday...we raked. It's a delicate balance. You have to wait for the leaves to fall first, and that is usually at the same time as rain. Wet leaves are no fun! It was nice to be outside as a storm was blowing in. We could hear it roaring in the trees and as we raked, tiny snowflakes started to come down. This did not stop us until we finished....and we DID!!

Hubby used the leafblower that we picked up at a yard sale this summer for only $5! THAT was a really good buy!

We were just in time!! Last night it began to snow in earnest, and's ON!

We don't get snow often around here, maybe a few times each year if we are lucky, and never this early in the year! So, this is pretty exciting for us! It gives us that giddy feeling, like something special is happening. Our kitties have never seen snow, I wish I could describe Earl's face when he looked out the window and saw it! He was mesmerized! This is a good time to stay INSIDE where it's nice and warm! Here is a question you might be able to help me with....this is our first winter with our new deck. Turns out it can be very slippery! Any ideas of what we can put down for that?

I spent a little time in the craft room yesterday working on 2 things that I have been thinking a lot about. First up is 2 Christmas banners. These are a little smaller than the one I made for Thanksgiving. I also made a few changes to the process after the first one and I am so happy with the results! If you can't see the letters, it says J O Y.

It would look good over a door way or hearth. I think I am going to give these away as gifts.

I made a little loop for hanging and a pretty bow to finish it off!

This idea has intrigued me ever since I saw it here: It's a scrabble tile with some pretty paper applied on top. It's so adorable!! I plan to make a bunch of them now that this one turned out.

This is the back:

And, this is the front:

Isn't it cute?

It's still snowing outside, so I am going to retire to my craft room and MAKE STUFF!

Happy Monday!!



  1. beautiful pictures! wish i could help with the deck. i would suggest salt or sand, but i think that may scratch it up.

  2. I like snow so much but we can have decades between each time that snows!

  3. I do so love snow. That is what I really want for Christmas this year. A big, big snow. Have a Merry Christmas...m..

  4. Its wonderful with all that snow !!!
    We are waiting for the snow...
    Where is the snow... if you don't mind to send us just one or two buckets... its for my little girl, she is just wondering how Santa can make it without snow :)
    Have a lovely Tuesday :)

  5. It is cold here in Sonoma County too. Yesterday I noticed snow in the hills on my way to work. Snow in the hills happens sometimes, but never or rarely on the valley floor. It is cold out again today too. But it is still too dark for me see what it is like out there.


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