Monday, December 29, 2008

Emergency Road Trip

My REAL Christmas came late this year. The Christmas spirit was just not all the way there for me this year. I was missing my boys, my oldest stayed home for Christmas with his precious family. We talked on the phone and I know that this is the future for them.

My youngest son had to work on Christmas and was supposed to come home the day after. Well, we got a message that he had car trouble and would not be coming home. I just accepted that news in stride. My husband talked to him and tried to help him figure out a way to get the car going with no results.

Soooo, the next day I called him. Right away, I just didn't think he sounded okay. I could tell (it's a "mom" thing) that he was bummed about not coming home and being stuck there. So, I made a quick decision to go get him myself. I told him that I was coming to get him and I gave him no room to argue. He didn't try very hard to discourage me.....another "sign".

It takes about 3 hours to get there and 3 hours back.....
Except....the last "hour" turned in to TWO! The road was completely covered with snow and ice and only chains and 4 wheel drive allowed. This was my first time to use 4 wheel drive. It was slow and I was nervous! But, I made it!!! And I brought my baby home!

We had planned to have a dinner with our Christmas dinner leftovers, and I called my daughter to ask her to get the food ready. When we walked in to my house, it was full of our family in a hustle bustle way. Very festive.

And, when we walked into the dining room, the table was all set up with my Christmas dishes and table cloth. I was soooo suprised! I turned to my daughter to thank her, and she said it was like that when she got there! What??? My DEAR Hubby had gone to my blog and found the photo of our Christmas dinner and had duplicated it to the letter. It does NOT get any sweeter than that. Does it?

Her is my youngest son with his funny glasses from Dad, and a beautiful painting from his nieces:

So, we had a wonderful, HAPPY, fun meal. We gave him his presents. He gave me a beautiful pair of earrings, favorite!!

It seems like this year everyone was conscious of their budget. And, the cool thing is that everyone got really creative with the gift giving! And, I must say that these heartfelt gifts were so much more valuable than what you can buy with dollars!!

My oldest son wrote everyone a long letter. Wow. I will cherish that!! We had lots of homemade gifts.

I gave my son a binder with all of his and my emails printed from when he was on the ship in the Navy. He seemed to really appreciate it!
Today, I will take him back. It was a good Christmas. Maybe the best ever!!



  1. What a dedicated mom to get to your son and bring him home. That is so special. And what a special surprise from your husband to have the meal ready and everything. That is so beautiful!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. I came here very late for pink Saturday and found this post, I have to tell you it gave me tears. What a special Christmas for you all, with the things that really matter most. I am so happy that you got your baby home safely, and what a sweet husband. A very uplifting post.

  3. I'm like Kat. Your post brought tears to my eyes too. I would have done the same thing as you...rain or snow. And your hubby...he's definitely a keeper!!
    Have a wonderful new year!!


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