Sunday, December 14, 2008

32 Years ago Today!

December 14, 1976 is the day that my son, my eldest, was born. I fell in love with him from the very beginning and he has remained in my heart ever since. I was so young when he was born, I used to say that we "grew up together". He was a happy sweet baby!

This next photo is one of my favorite pictures (I could post about a million!!). He was in preschool and I just could not bring myself to get his haircut. I knew that it would make him look older. I guess I just wanted to keep him little for as long as possible.

He never really cared to have his picture taken, but on this particular day, he hopped up on this log and said "Take my picture!". Ah the memories.

He was a busy little boy, with a lot of curiosity. He was always "in to" something! A constant challenge! And, he was so smart. I don't miss all those QUESTIONS!!

He's always been a take charge kind of person. The kind of person you go to for help and advice. He is the kind of big brother that makes me wish I had a big brother.

And, now he is a man. When did that happen?

Here he is this past summer with his little sister, the Bride. He was the "Wedding Singer" and it was a wonderful performance. When he made a very special toast at the reception, there was not a dry eye in the place!

Here he is dancing with his old Mom:

And, here he is with the newlyweds and his own beautiful wife and adorable daughters. They are a very close family, I'm so proud of the man he has become.

Happy Birthday Son!



  1. Stephanie, Happy birthday to your son. Just wanted to let you know I posted a link to the needle keeper on my blog. Where is Jackson CA, what is it close too. Take care. Vera

  2. Happy birthday to your son.


  3. Happy Birthday to your son!! My son's birthday is next Saturday! He will be 28. Where does the time go?


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