Saturday, April 28, 2012

Puppy Love

My son Jesse came over with a new puppy yesterday and he gave him to me! Meet Buster.

How adorable is he?!  Really!  We did not need another dog.  We have Pookie (half Shitz Zu and half Maltese and Pepper, shepherd and husky mix).  They get along great and we have always had one big and one small.  Someone told me that Pookie needed a playmate.  This little guy is perfect!  My hubby is a true Dr. Doolittle.  All animals love him.  I am keeping the puppy close to me because if he gets too close to hubby, that will be the end for me!
I got Buster a cute little crate and he did really good his first night with us.  He loves to cuddle and hide in my hair.  The other dogs are so curious.  Pepper wants to keep him to herself.  Pookie isn't sure yet.
Warning!  You will be seeing a lot of this little fellow at Lulu's Cottage!

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