Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Woo Hoo...I made it! #542

I made it on the list!  That Lisa is incredible.  I don't know how she does this?!  I put OWOH on my calendar with the plan to be one of the very first to participate.  Then as it approached, I could not think of anything wonderful to give.  So, I procrastinated.  Then I started visiting the wonderful blogs on the list and I HAD to participate.   I am officially #542.  Last year I think it went way over 1,000, so I will be in the middle of the list.  That will be just fine.   I am truly enjoying my travels around the world and I am amazed by the fabulous giveaways that  are being offered.  I am going to up the ante and add to my giveaway asap.  What fun!

If you are on this journey too, I have a few tips to share with you that may save you some time.  

Commenting/Entering:  First, write a basic message to post on your comments that include your name, email and blog address, then "copy" it, (control C).  It's really hard for the blog author to find this information when you have hundreds of comments.  So... when you visit a blog, write something personal and then "paste" your basic message underneath.   

If you have a blog...I love hearing about you and where you live.  I didn't put this information on mine until I realized that I was enjoying that part of other people's posts.  

As you travel, either bookmark the blogs that you really resonate with or "follow" them.  It's almost impossible to find them again because there are so many.  I have found blogs that I have followed over the past couple of years and truly enjoyed that I originally found on my OWOH journey.

Have fun on your trip!


  1. Well lookie here, I made the first comment! I too tried to get in early but ended up at #507!lol Come on over friend!

    Hugs XX Barbara

  2. Wow, love your bag! I also make bags, purses, and wallets. This is truly fun visiting all the bloggers and seeing the wonderful items folks are offering for FREE (well, for a little of your time). I am #123 in the OWOH event (last year I was around 450 so I understand!

  3. What great advice! As a newbie it's a bit overwhelming!

  4. Hello! I'm traveling OWOH...your bags are so clever, but I didn't want to be in the draw, because I have so many bags (they should go to someone who needs it more). But I did want to say hi to a fellow California mountainer! I'm in Texas now but spent my teens in the Southern California mountains. So, up north do they say "I'm going up the hill" when they drive up the mountain (or "down the hill" when they drive down it). It never occurred to me how odd it was to call 5,000 foot mountains a "hill" until I came out to Texas where the highest thing they have is hills. :-)

    Happy OWOH travels!

    ecarian at yahoo dot com
    OWOH #506, 508, 793


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