Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our new "Blog" Dog

This is our new doggie, Pepper:

We lost our precious Zula, last spring.   She was the PERFECT dog for us.  

She was sweet and calm, but also big and black and scary to strangers.  She really barked and protected us.  She also played and took care of our little Pookie.  
 We called her the "babysitter".  When we brought Pookie home as a puppy, Zula adoped him right away.  He slept with her, played with her and she would even let him steal a treat right out of her mouth.  Zula was perfect.  She can't be replaced.

But, we do need a big dog.  We live in the country and I just feel safer with an outside dog watching over us and our place.  Ever since last spring, we talked and talked about getting a new dog.  We even went to the pound to get one, but they had this crazy policy that just wouldn't work for us.  You choose the dog you want and then you show up on a certain day and they do a lottery for the dog with anyone and everyone who is interested in that dog.  We did this one time and did not get the dog.  Who has time to go down over and over hoping to get a dog?  So, we just gave up.

Then a couple weeks ago, I was looking at my favorite blogs and while I was on Donna's blog, anenchantedcottage, she had a button on the right that said "adopt a dog".  I clicked on it and found the animal shelter in my county with lots of pictures.  The animal shelter I went to before is in the next county over where I spend most of my time.  I decided to try the one here in my own area and we found Pepper on the first visit.   We had to wait a few days to pick her up, but she was ours the minute we made the committment!
That was easy!

Turns out, she is a really sweet dog.  She is 7 months, so still a puppy.  She thinks that Pookie is a toy and he liked playing with her at first, but now it's a bit much for him.  I saw her grab his harness by the mouth and swing him for her...for him...not so much!  

And, now, she has a "crate":

We got it yesterday and already, she is already comfortable with it.  What a good doggie.  

She cries a little and then stops.  

This is my daughter with Pepper.  She lets Pepper and her dog, Foxy run in the fenced in garden.  They are a really good match and it's fun to watch them go.  Can you see Foxy hiding up the stairs?

We are so happy to have Pepper.  And, she is one lucky dog.  This place where we live, is truly dog Heaven!  

A special thank you to Donna, this wouldn't have happened without you!!  You are Pepper's fairy godmother!


  1. Stephanie - no way!!! OMG, Pepper is such a GORGEOUS dog!!!!!! Stephanie, I am so, so happy that you found just what you were looking for, and that Pepper found her forever home! Zula was just beautiful. It is so hard to lose a beloved furry family member. And omg, your sweet Pookie looks like a little stuffed animal, she is soooo cute! I am just thrilled beyond belief that you found a link through my blog. You really do have a BEAUTIFUL yard for dogs (or for me!! haha). Thank you so much for letting me know about Pepper!... Donna

  2. How lucky you are to have found Pepper! One of our best dogs ever was a shepherd: Gretel. She was always on the job and yet if you told her you loved her, her ears would go back and she'd get such love in her eyes.

    We've got 2 Springers now - and they're lovers, but my husband says "they don't work for a living." LOL!

    Enjoy the new furry love in your family!

  3. I LOVE a story like this! Pepper is so beautiful...I wish I could hug her! I am so sorry about Zula.
    I'm sure that was a very difficult time. So glad you found another very special girl .....Not Zula....but very special in her own right.
    I will visit again! xo Diane


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