Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spider Necklace for Halloween

I wanted a really great necklace to wear with my Halloween costume.  We had 3 Halloween gigs with our band and I had an Elvira costume.  I searched around the internet and decided that I could make a spider necklace.

I chose a few things out of my stash....mostly clear, crystal, black, silver and red.

This spider was my first attempt.  I love the way it turned out.  

And, so I made earrings to match.  My daughter had to fly (as a flight attendant) on Halloween and so I gave this set to her.  She said she got lots of compliments.  

None of my beads were big enough for what I had in mind.  So.....I went through my stash of old jewelry.

I had loads of earrings from the 80's and I picked an earring from this pile and took it apart.  This spider necklace has 2 parts of one earring.  How did I ever wear them that big?  I actually made this twice.  I felt that the wire gauge wasn't strong enough to hold the shape in the legs.  And, that's so important. 

It turned out just the way I wanted it.  It was HUGE!!  And, it kept it's shape the whole weekend!

I made some little spiders to match.

Here's the final result...hubby and me in our costumes.  We had a terrific weekend of FUN.  You can read all about it on my other blog: more thing...I must point out the fabulous spider ring that my dear daughter bought for me on one of her trips!  It was perfect!

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