Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm not ready....

Nope.  Not ready at all.  But, I am one step closer.  

It sure seems like the Holiday Season has snuck up on me this year.  I feel like the Christmas decor is out early...or is it just me?  My Dear Daughter already has her Christmas decorations up and that was a couple weeks ago!!  Yesterday I told hubby to get out the Xmas boxes!  But, then I realized that I didn't want to have Christmas all around for would seem like a whole different holiday, or Christmas dinner would seem like a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner.  So, I held back.  

I'm going to put on my holiday sofa slip cover that is burgundy and corderoy (so comfy and warm), and my fall flowers and those little Thanksgiving items here and there.  Since we are having our family dinner on Wed.  Guess what I will be doing on Thurs?  You got it.  Christmas will be arriving at this little cottage in FULL force!

Here are my few little changes so far.  You've seen it all before...I haven't had time to create anything new.  (But, I did make time to make something for post!) 

Dining room..before 

 Ready for Thanksgiving:

Fireplace before.  Ugh...this fireplace is not just for keeps our house warm, and that is very messy!  Lots of ash dust and wood shavings.  This is a constant thing all winter!  

Good time to vaccum the wall and ceiling!  I always say that this fireplace is the heart of our home.  We have so many pictures in front of it, family pics, prom pics.  So many happy memories. I think it's so pretty with all the rocks.

Now it's all ready for Thanksgiving.  
But, come will all change!!

P.S.  This decorating really got me in the spirit!  I even went over to Cutest Blog on The Block and got a Thanksgiving background for my blog.  Isn't it great??!


  1. It is so welcoming! Thank you for sharing.

  2. So homey, Stephanie. Bet you are really into prep for Thanksgiving about now. Have a wonderful day!

    (my plans...driving two hours northeast, San Mateo or curling up on our own sofa with take out...hmmm...that curling up sounds wonderful right about now.

  3. Okay....Thanksgiving is over so we can pull those Christmas boxes out :). Have a happy week. ~ Lynn @thevintagenest
    P.S. But I have to follow my own advise and take down Fall first. :)

  4. It looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it for Christmas!


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