Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My latest creation...Please tell me...great or awful?

I'm always thinking about what I want to make.  I have lot's of little notes and sketches (and I don't sketch!!).  I had this great idea and I jumped right in to make it.  I was thinking that I need more cute jackets to wear to shows.   I'm getting really tired of what I have.  One of my favorites is a sweater makeover I did a while back.  So, this one is in the same style, with a different take.

It all starts with the sweater.  I keep forgetting to take a picture (for you) before I cut it.  I get so excited, those scissors seem to get a mind of their own!   Here is the sweater that I started with (sorry I did already cut it).

I cut off the ribbing on the sleeves and waist.


I had a small piece of this red and gold fabric.  I thought that both sides were pretty cool and I wanted the threads to come loose.  I also like beads, so I added those too.  I almost couldn't cut this fabric (it's so pretty), but this is the idea that I saw in my the scissors started snipping again.  

I want it to fray, but if I don't stitch a stopping point, it will all come undone.  So, I stitched all around the cut outs. 

Here is the finished sweater.  I was pretty disappointed with it.  It just didn't turn out like I wanted.  I hung it on my sewing room door and my daughter saw it.  She said it was great.  Confusion.

I decided to try it on with black, which is how I would wear it.  And, in the picture, I'm in love with it.  

I think I will wear it afterall.  

Either it's pretty great or not.  Please tell me! 


  1. Very cute....It looks great with the black pants !

  2. Monica Pederson~HampshireOctober 13, 2010 at 7:36 AM

    What a imagination, :)

  3. Love the fabric and I too always have a hard time cutting! Great looking on with black pants and great show sweater! (er, jacket) posting from Campbell, CA,

  4. I love it. I want one:)) Great job!!!

  5. Take it from a total stranger. I love it and would make buy it if you were selling. Beautiful job. I sure you will get lots of praise.

    from you while blog hopping, I came here from somewhere;-)


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