Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My sewing room (closet) re-organized (somewhat)

I mentioned that I was cleaning my sewing room a while back. I'm ready to share. It may look a lot like what I have shown in the past. What you don't see is how crammed full of stuff it had gotten. I wouldn't want to show you that!! Seems like I just kept adding and adding and I needed to take some things away. Now, I can breathe in here again. It's a small space (7 1/2 ft X 9 1/2 feet). Too small to be a room, but to me it's nice and cozy. It was originally a small cellar, when we remodeled the basement, it became a closet.

Come on in...

This is the wall that I face when I am sitting.

I took down all the flowers and found all kinds of things underneath...baskets etc. that I didn't even remember having!! I rearranged them by color. Below I folded my smaller fabric and I can actually see what I have. I separated them by 1 yard, 1/2 yard and 1/4 yard.

I came across a label maker that I don't even remember buying. So, everything got labeled, well almost everything.

The bigger pieces of fabric are hanging. I measured each pc and refolded, with a note pinned on it with the size.

This hook is where I hang what I am working on. And, it ends up being a reject place as well. It's so hard to give up on something that isn't working. So, I just put them in a box and stuck them away.

I love this shelf. I put up all the odd shaped but cute containers. I wanted to put all my old jewelry in a clear container. This isn't even a fraction of all of it....hey it was the 80's..ya know?

This corner is my yarn. I don't have an enormous collection. Do you see the pretty doll? That's Annabelle. I won her last year during the One World One Heart. She is a beautiful handmade doll and she moves around, she doesn't like to stay in one place long.

This is my pattern collection....I have lots of them!

I don't have a fancy machine. I bought this out of the paper years ago. It suits my needs just fine....I wouldn't turn down a fancy machine mind you, but I am grateful for what I have.

Here is a project waiting to happen. I would really like to create something wonderful in this space. I'm not an artist or a decorater, so it's difficult to come up with an idea. That's one thing I love about blogging, I get to see the wonderful things that others post, then I can use others ideas for my space.

This chest of drawers my daughter left behind when she left years ago (she can't have it back now). On the top I have some books, I tried to purge...the only book I got rid of was one that was all about 80's fashion. I guess it's almost vintage now. The pin cushions are special to me, the blue one on the left I got in Hong Kong, the one next to it was made by a friend, the red one is full of sand that is from my Grandma's pin cushion that wore out, and the silver one is a musical pin cushion also my Grandma's.

A couple of drawers are full of interfacing. This drawer is the one I use the most.

All this thread and I still often don't have the color I need. I try to by thread whenever I buy fabric.

I have a serger, it's from Walmart, so it's not the best one. It drives me crazy actually, I have the most trouble with it. Here is my small collection of serger thread.

I have managed to spill out into the multipurpose room. These two cabinets are now for crafting. Luckily I have plenty of room inside that is still available....shall we go shopping?

Ugh. I loved this wallpaper that I put on them back in the 80's. I wish that they were the original white. That's a project for another day.

Inside the left one I have dedicated the space to all things Wrapping. I told my daughter to always come over to wrap things. I have a lot of stuff to use up!!

So, there you have it. Thanks for taking the tour. Happy crafting to you!



  1. Oh, thank you! Thank you SO much for posting your wonderful room. I have a room that is just a tiny bit smaller than that, no windows, AND the biggest treat for me, I have just about exactly that much sewing stuff. (Can't include the two rooms of trims I sell.)

    Brilliant use of hangers for fabric. I don't have the shelving units free right now, but I could make that happen. ;-) Your sewing machine is SO much better than the old one I had which wasn't old enough to be cool and too old to do much of anything. I do love my new one, but my biz bought it after saving for a year. What else? Oh, the yarn cubbies. Brilliant again. I'm not sure how I would do that, but I'm thinking.

    Oh, wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing and showing us it can be done!

  2. What a fantastic space to craft. I'm impressed at the organization! Thanks for sharing, I love peeking in peoples spaces:)

  3. Wow I must say you have made the very best use of such a small space for sure! Great job!!
    Some great ideas also.
    Happy sewing!

  4. Wow you really organized. It looks great. Now when you are creating you can find everything - which I find to be half the battle. You definitely deserve a night out after all of this!

  5. Love your space, totally organised and made me wish I could get mine like that!

    Thanks for sharing x

  6. Much more organized than I ever hope to be. You sure crammed a lot into a small space!


  7. What a wonderful room and you are so organized! I'd love you to come over and organize my area!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Would you please come organize my craft supplies for me next??? That looks fabulous! I have an old sewing machine too, looks like yours! Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by my messes! You may have inspired me!

  9. Thanks for sharing. It is fun to see what you have and how you have organized it. Kudos to you.

  10. hi
    you have done very well for such a small space. When all 4 kids were home I 'adopted' the furnace/laundry room but it worked well--now I have a small bedroom and I wish I could use half the house for storage HA
    one idea popped into my head for your b board was to line it with fabric and just use your special things you pin up there in a collage.

  11. I saw this link from Nancy's blog, and am so glad I came over to take a look. I am wildly impressed! I just love art space makeovers - every single idea helps.

  12. I'm visiting from a link at Nancy's blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creative space. I love the idea of hanging the fabric. ♥


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