Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pink Organizing

Welcome to Pink Saturday!

This is a jewelry organizer that I have had forever. Probably since the 80's. I was having trouble seeing my collection of beads for making jewelry, and I found myself buying the same exact beads over and over. (hey I know what I like!) I was looking for a way to organize them and to be able to see the colors that I have.

This was the perfect answer! I can see all the colors. Of course, when I am making things, I always want some color or size that I don't have, lol.

If you are thinking that this is a lot of beads....think again. I know what other "beaders" have and this would be considered a "beginner" collection for sure.
I'll just have to work on that!!

Yes. I do LOVE pink!

I sometimes think that I enjoy collecting and organizing the supplies even more than the actual creation of jewelry!!

If you like Pink too......hop on over to Beverly's and take the Pink Saturday Tour,
it's Pink-A-Licious!



  1. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lots of pink beads! What are you making?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  2. great idea for storing beads! Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! Great idea! Have a wonderful day.


  4. Thanks so much for sharing your blog pinkies this Saturday. This is one day of the week where I get to satisfy my ♥ for everything PINK!

  5. You have every shade of pink beads. They're lovely.

  6. Pretty and perfect pink organizer! ***Happy Pink Saturday***

  7. Great idea! Might work for floss and threads and other embelishments as well.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Perfect pink idea for storing beads! Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Sooooo pretty, who could resist it?! Happy Pink Saturday, Char
    I post under someplace in thyme and not english cottage rose.

  10. It just goes to show you that if you keep something long enough you'll find a new use for it.

    Pretty "pink" beads. Happy Pink Saturday.


  11. Pretty beads. Sparkly, pink and all! :-) I guess everybody has that tendency to be drawn and collect all those beautiful beads. Better have it than be sorry later on when it's not there anymore, right? Oh I'm sure one day you'll create something fabulous out of those beads :-)

  12. True confession, I have more beads than that. My sister gifted all of hers when she cleared everything out. That is the prettiest organizer.

    Hop over to my blog, lachambrerose, and look on the left for a magazine pic. You will be able to get inside the entire magazine. There is altered couture that will take your breath away.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. love this. i have all my beads shoved in a box.

  14. I love pink beads too. I have mine in those clear boxes from Michaels, but still seem to never have enough and I have way to many that have yet to be made into anything!!! It does get addictive doesn't it?
    Thanks for visiting me yesterday!

  15. ooh - i love the pink beads! anything grouped by color always looks so cool, doesn't it?

    thanks so much for saying hi on my blog!

    happy belated pink saturday!


  16. Those beads are so pretty for sure.


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