Monday, March 16, 2009

Coffee vs. Chocolate

I used to have coffee every morning. It was my ritual. I felt like I needed it to wake up and start my day. I came across things every so often that made me think that coffee wasn't such a health way to start the day. Could that be true? When I first found my Nutritional Cleansing Program, I gave up coffee for a week. Well, it just never tasted good to me after that. I still have a cup every once in a while, but the morning cuppa ritual was over.

Now, I have a NEW morning ritual. I have an IsaDelight. Mmmmm. Just typing the word makes me want one!!

This is a yummy dark chocolate from my company. From my very first bite, I was hooked. And, I am not a "chocolate" person. You may be wondering WHY I would want this as my morning ritual, yes?

This is not just yummy chocolate. No no no! It's a Healthy HAPPY chocolate. It's got ingredients that do wonderful things.....3 wonderful things....

First's called HAPPY Chocolate for a reason. I notice that in about 12 minutes after eating this, my mood is vastly improved! If I am super grouchy....I will have 2!! Can you imagine having a happy mood just from a small piece of chocolate?

Second thing Not the hyped up stimulant type of energy that I used to get from coffee, it's the good kind of energy. I just feel more focused and I manage to get more things done. And, that's a wonderful thing!!

The Third thing this little treat will do is.....decrease the appetite. And, it REALLY does this! I'm not hungry after eating it and when I DO eat....I want to eat LESS food. That's pretty handy, dontcha think? I'm a "clean my plate" kind of gal. I just LOVE to eat.
What can I say? These come in handy for me and keep me from over eating. Yay!!

What? Why? How? Yep, it's not just "chocolate". It has HEALTHY things that are in there that work on the brain....brain "food" I guess. I can tell you that everyone I have shared them with, falls in LOVE with them.


Almost hate to have that last bite.....

If you would like to check it out, you can visit my website and watch a short video that explains all about it. If you would like to buy some, please let me know....I can save you money!

In fact, just leave me a comment with your email and I will get your address and I will send you one to try for yourself (just in case I get too many.....let's limit this to the first 10).

Chocolate anyone??



  1. You're not a 'chocolate' person???!!!!!

  2. Stephanie, I would love to try a sample before I purchase! :o)

  3. hmmmm...I love chocolate and I have been trying to cut out caffeine (down to just one cup of half-caf in the morning and evening).
    I could also use an energy boost and some focus. to go check out the video...

    Kimberly :)

  4. oh, yummy. these sound good, and healthy too? i love chocoalte.


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