Sunday, July 27, 2008


My husband actually likes to go to yard sales. That is what he tells me and I accept it without hesitation. I think he believes that one day he will find TREASURE! At almost every sale, he asks if they have any "militaria"...old military items. One day...he will find it. Meanwhile, I find treasure almost every time we go. And, yesterday was a great treasure day!

First up, I bought a salad bowl set. I did not need a salad bowl set, I LOVE and adore the one I have, even though it only has 4 bowls. This salad set has 12 bowls! And, it is very pretty.

I really appreciate the in-laid wood on the handles. Very pretty.

At the same Estate Sale, I picked up a punch bowl set. I also already have a punch bowl set. BUT, the one I have is plastic...uck. It has come in handy many times and every time I use it I remind myself to get a "real" punch bowl. Keeping that in mind, I could not resist buying this one.

The pattern is called Daisy Button.

The bowl is HUGE. And, it has scalloped edges at the top.

It came with 12 cups.

And a ladle.

There are 12 empty spots for cups. I will be searching for cups to complete the set. I've already checked out ebay. I won't rest until I have every slot filled!!

I'm so glad that it was still in it's original packaging. Great for storing away.

I could have bought a new punch bowl set. I imagine it would have cost more than I paid for this one. But, I like the idea that this set has already attended a few special occasions. It was someone else's "treasure". Don't you think that person would be happy to know that I am going to cherish their punch bowl? I think so.


Can you believe it? I bought somebody's button box!! I cannot have too many buttons. This may be because I used to enjoy playing with my Grandma's button box when I was a child. I was so excited about this treasure.

The lady was selling them as individual items. I asked her if she would sell be the entire basket and she replied with "make me an offer". I know I should have become ruthless and made a ridiculous offer, but alas, I could not. I began to fret out loud about how I wouldn't want to offer the wrong amount etc. The husband was behind the woman and he smiled and held up 3 fingers. I quickly offered $3 and she said yes. The button basket was mine!

Wow, there were a lot of buttons in that small basket!

Each one a small little treasure!

Fun and funky, old, maybe some vintage. Who knows where these will end up!!


  1. Stepanie,

    Thanks so much for stopping at my blog. I am a Nor Cal Gal too.

    WOW!!! Talk about a major find on those buttons. I think you could have knocked me over with a feather if she agreed to $3.00. Nice buttons!!

    Thanks for sharing. I will be checkin back to see what other major finds you come upon.

  2. Hi Stephanie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)
    I just love your blog! I will look around some more now.
    You got some great things at that sale...I really need to find a nice wooden salad bowl set. I love those for salads!



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