Thursday, July 31, 2008

It had "That Swing"!!

Yesterday started out just like a regular day. Then a friend called and invited us to go to the Music Circus. Oh Yeah!! Drop everything! That sounds like a whole lot of fun! And, it was! The show was "Swing" and it featured the wonderful music from the fabulous 40's. It was wildly energetic (how do the dancers do it?) and the music....oh wow!

They were doing all the fun dances, the girls were being thrown up in the air and twirled above the guys head. It just looked like a complete blast! Everyone was bouncing along to the music.

It wasn't all fast paced. There was one song in particular that was so heartfelt that I still feel emotional just recalling it. "I'll be seeing you", do you know that song? It's so sweet and meloncholy. I felt completely caught up in the song and then I heard someone behind me gently singing along. At that moment I realized that while this music was a favorite of mine, it was nostalgic to the generation that experienced it. How wonderful to have your own special time in history come to life in such a spectacular way.

Oh to be able to dance like that.....what would that be like? I can only imagine the thrill of it!

We are so blessed to receive this special gift. What a nice suprise!


  1. oh, i used to love to dance! that sounds like fun!

  2. I love the 40's music . My mom has CD's she plays of 40's music all the time. She loves to dance and will be 77 this month .
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. Please come again anytime !

  3. Hi, Stephanie! What a fun night! It's incredibly energizing, isn't it, and sentimental for all the memories and feelings music brings to mind. We should all remember to put on a good song, get up and dance!

    I'm glad you visited my small space for it brought me to yours, too. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for stopping by @ my place. it's really nice to meet you, Stephanie.

    Glad you had a great time @ the swing show. I would loved that show myself. "Dancing with the Stars" comes to mind.

    Don't be a stranger. I'll visit often.
    By the way, the kitties look so cute!


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