Sunday, July 8, 2012

I was a photographer's assistant

Let me tell you.  This wedding photography is hard work.  My husband is the BEST photographer ever. And, I’m not the least bit biased.  He has done professional business photography for many years.  He’s done a few weddings for friends and they turned out FABULOUS!  He decided that he wanted to do more and put the word out.  Immediately he had people trying to book him.  Woo Hoo.
This was a small wedding at a beautiful winery.  A wonderful way to spend a warm (or hot) summer evening.  I came along to be his assistant and help him with whatever he needed.  And, I planned to videotape as much as I could.
The bridal suite, where the bride gets ready was upstairs.  And, UP and DOWN those stairs I went.  Over and over!  Then it was out to the car to get something, then it was hold this reflector up in the air until you have no feeling in your arms!  Yep.  Photographer’s assistant is a hard job indeed.  Hubby is really nice and that made it better.  I can’t imagine if the photographer was barking orders at me.  I would have to quit for sure!

It was fun to be in the bridal room as the girls were getting ready.  They had a hairdresser and a makeup artist on hand.  That was cool.  The bride and the groom both have the MOST adorable children, and it was fun to see them in all their excitement.  What is it about weddings that makes everyone seem so BEAUTIFUL?  Or maybe these people are BEAUTIFUL!

Hubby took wonderful pictures and they will be over the moon when they see them.  My video was disappointing.  I will have to buy a new camera if I want to continue.  I got the whole ceremony, but it’s not in HD and hubby blocked my view of the bride coming down the aisle.  We will have to coordinate that in the future.  And, the bride and groom did not have a microphone, so my video did not capture them speaking their vows.  After the ceremony, I had both my camcorder and my small hand held camera.  My point and shoot actually took better video.  Especially in low light.  One bummer is that right when the cute little daughter was giving her special speech, my battery went dead.  That was so sad.  I’m still not sure what I actually got and how I can put it together as a nice video remembrance of their wedding.  It wasn’t anything we charged them for, so there is no pressure, it would just be a gift from me.  And, I know that I got something.

I think I was able to show hubby a few shots he might have missed.  Nothing big, but I feel like I contributed.  We have two more weddings this summer.  Both are at fun locations and we are really looking forward to them.

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