Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Lovely Summer Evening

My absolute favorite thing about summer is family dinners outside. I love it when things come together at the last minute....everyone is so busy these days! My 2 closest neighbors happen to be my daughter and her husband and my mother in law.

This is the "dining tent". Ahem....lovely!!

Come on in!!

Margaritas at the bar.

And after we have stuffed ourselves (ugh)...let's get in to a rousing game of .....

Croquet! We have had this set since the kids were small. We are getting so old that our stuff is starting to look antique!!

MIL is very serious.

Son-in-law wins at everything!

Sitting by the waterfall....ah.

That's me. I totally lost both games. (and I hate to lose!!)

I think that the bushes should be like the "sand pit" in golf. You should have to hit it from there, right? (unless it's me of course) Hubby got to set it on the course and try again.

Take aim.

Ridicule your husband.

Because he will win anyway!!

This is where you try to knock the other person's ball out of the way. Frustration!

What is she doing? worked, she got it through.

And for get another turn.

Okay. We are now ready for some dessert.

Mmmmm yummy. That was a great night. Here's hoping for many more of them!!


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