Thursday, May 27, 2010

Incredible Jeans!!

Oh my gosh!! I was walking out of a store last week and these jeans TOTALLY caught my eye. I just had to stop the lady and compliment them. I asked her if she did it herself and YEP she did. Her name is Jeannette and she did all of this embroidery by hand. I am so impressed. It's definitely on my list of things I would like to do. Aren't they pretty?



  1. She did a great job embroidering on those jeans...all I could think of was how my fingers would be hurting after hand sewing on denim! Very pretty!! dana

  2. I love those jeans - - - - I have decorated jeans with paint and they turned out great - but it has been many years ago now. I use to do alot of western clothing - all handpainted..Paulin

  3. I would have stopped her too. Those jeans are so cool.


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