Friday, March 12, 2010

Come Fly with me (to get a pedi)

I'm always telling people that I think we should celebrate our birthdays the WHOLE month. I am following my own advice. While my birthday isn't for a couple more weeks, I am already celebrating!! I haven't been to Connie's since my last BD. So, it WAS time! She took me out for a pedicure at her favorite place. They do actual ART on toes and fingers. It's amazing. Connie is looking at all the designs for St. Patrick's Day.

And this is just a small fraction of the choices! There are boxes and boxes to choose from!

Picking a design is the hard part. Staying awake is also difficult....this is so relaxing!!

Connie has four leaf clovers.

I have the ocean, complete with seaweed, bubbles and kissing fishies!

Can you see this? They use toothpicks to paint with. It's amazing to watch.

St. Paddy fingers on Connie.

And it's off to lunch right after.

We did lots of other fun things and darn pics! We went shopping and then we met her daughter and husband for dinner at the beach. I LOVE the beach! We walk out to the end of the pier and eat at Ruby's, a 50's style diner. It was chilly and it started raining AFTER we got in the car to leave. Perfect!

I fly standby. That means I get the last seat on the plane. But, hey, it's free! That is thanks to my Flight Attendant daughter...woo hoo! This time the plane was hardly full and I got to sit by the window. I always get a middle seat. But, not this time. By the way, I think the middle seat person should get both armrests. It's only fair. After all they are stuck in the middle. Just sayin. This picture is right after take off. The planes in Orange County take off STRAIGHT UP, it's like being on a carnival ride. That's for "noise abatement". ugh. Then we vear out over the ocean. I could see an Island. Can you see it? I thought it might be Catalina, but I didn't see any buildings. So, probably not.

Looking back at So Cal. Bye Bye!

Oh. This is why nobody picked this seat. Oh well. The chairs don't really recline much anyway. Am I right?

No we are heading up the state and it's the beginning of the Sierra mountain range.

Underneath all these clouds are mountains. I usually look for Yosemite. I imagine my son (who lives there) is under all these clouds somewhere.

Must have just snowed on these high mountains. So pretty.

We are starting to get close to our destination. This is probably around Modesto somewhere.

I always look for Lake Tahoe. Not sure. Is that it off in the distance? I need some binoculars!

This looks like where we live or close to it.

Look in the middle of this photo. Do you see the 2 cooling towers? That is on my drive to the airport. They are HUGE when you are up close.

This is the beginning of the Sacramento area. What a pretty day.

There it is! Sacramento. Looks different from the air.

We are coming down. I love the farms that surround the airport.

Here is the 5 freeway that is on my way home.

It was good to be home. Missed my bed. And my hubby. And my doggie(s), and my kitty. Woke up to this white stuff. Just told hubby this morning that I was really looking forward to summer. I can imagine being really hot and wishing for winter.


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  1. Glad you had a good time ;) I love the shamrock toes!


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