Sunday, May 11, 2008

My new bedroom

Not much time for creating anything these days....we are in full WEDDING countdown. I am trying to get my house and YARD in some kind of order. It's crazy!'s opportunity! We are doing so many things, BIG changes around here....and the cool thing is...we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor AFTER the wedding! A few things we have already done: gravel the driveway (so pretty!), new deck (almost finished), cleaned up a very neglected yard (ugh!), painted my bedroom and bath (who is going to see that?) and of course lots of repairs and cleaning jobs....all this added to the normal wedding preparation.

This is my new a box. I bought a complete set off Ebay. Can't wait to see what it really looks like!

Here is the bedroom "before". Well, it's not a true before. This photo is after the wonderful painting job my husband did. Before, it was blue/green, my favorite color. We painted it maybe 10 years ago, and I have always loved it. But, we painted EVERYTHING blue, the trim, ceiling...everything. Then, I started watching decorating shows on tv and learned that I was doing it all wrong. How embarrassing! So, we chose a great taupe color for our neutral and white for trim. As we were painting over my blue/green, I started panicking. I was already missing that bright pretty color. Then I remembered all the decorators on those shows, soothing the homeowners, telling them to wait until the finished look. So, I calmed down and waited. Here is the bedroom after painting:

And here it is after the bedset and curtains. I'm so HAPPY! I LOVE IT!

MMMMMmmmmmm, just like the spa feeling I was going for!

Next post will be my bathtub that I painted BLUE!! (you'll see!)

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