Monday, March 5, 2012

My favorite beverage

I just spilled my FULL glass of my favorite beverage on my DESK.  

Yep.  Got it on my keyboard, a little on my phone.  It got on my "to do list" and just made a mess.  I jumped up and tried to rescue as much as I could.  

And, that's when I realized how glad I am that my favorite beverage is ......WATER!  

This situation could have been a sticky mess.  It could have been a smelly mess.  But, all I had to do was blot it up and dry everything off, then good as new.

I didn't always like water.  In fact, I can remember a time when I NEVER drank water.  When I was little I used to drink milk, kool aid, juice and soda (we called it soda pop).  Water, YUCK.  

When became a bonified grown up, I started reading about healthy eating choices and I kept coming across information that led me to believe that water was the best choice.  

I'm sure that I could find a bunch of studies and reports to share with you about why water is so good for you, but for me it's just common sense.  Water is natural, so it's natural for us to drink it.  If I drink lots of water, I'm not hungry all the time (a huge bonus!).  Water washes the outside of our bodies, I think it does the same thing to the inside.  In fact, it was when I discovered nutritional cleansing by Isagenix that I really started to enjoy (and crave) water.  (read my thoughts about cleansing here.)

Water is good.

It's free.  You don't have to "make it" or mix it.  You don't have to open a can or wonder if it's spoiled.  No calories. No sugar.  No salt.  Unless you buy the bottled water that has actually gone to the trouble to add those things to it.  Why would they do that?  Yuck. 

I like to filter my water.  Actually, I have two filters (is that overkill?).  My filtered waters tastes better than any other water I've had.  I like to pour out water in a water bottle and fill it with my own clean water.  

It makes me feel good to drink water.  I try to get in the recommended amount, which is half your body weight in ounces.  Or 8 glasses, that's good too.  

Yes.  I do drink other things. Yes, I do enjoy a glass of wine sometimes.  But, my go to drink, is water.  How about you?

All this talk of water has made me thirsty!


  1. I was laughing while reading this because I am ALWAYS spilling my water all over my keyboard, desk and floor! I have a GIANT glass I use at home and fill it to the RIM and love ice in it. LOVE ice cold water! I even have my special thermos I bring with me when I'm out with my own water. It keeps my ice cold for over 12 hours!! Keep drinking it friend! SO good for you! :)
    Thanks for visiting me as well! And your kind words! :)

  2. I am totally paranoid about this. I usually have a big glass of water on my desk, but I set it on the corner as far away from the laptop as I can, because I know someday I will knock it flying.
    Thanks for visiting To Love, Honor, and Dismay, and for leaving such a nice comment for the letter writer. I'm sure she will appreciate the moral support!
    All the best,
    - Andrew

  3. I wish my go to drink was water! I just have the hardest time drinking it which really sucks. I tend to go to a latte or diet coke most of the time.

  4. Hi~
    Like you, I drink plenty of water!
    But I also enjoy iced tea!!
    not the sugary kind, but sweetened with Splenda.
    with plenty of ice!
    I do enjoy my morning coffee..
    but afterwards..yep, water or tea!
    no soda ever! no wine..
    at parties.. a tonic water with lime..
    no muss, no fuss and NO HEADACHE!
    warmest hugs..

  5. I too am a water drinker. I never had soda until we moved overseas in my adulthood and it was cheaper then the water! Then the weight started goin up! gasp! In my 40's trying to get away from the soda- but dang that stuff is addictive! Water- cold- is still my favorite drink.


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