Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My New Throw is here!!


Well, at least it WILL BE....I have to make it first!! Don't you just love those colors?? And, this yarn is soooo soft! I can hardly wait!

This is what it will be when it's done (hopefully!).

Question. Do I finish the 2 projects I have on the needles right now.....or do I DROP EVERYTHING and go for the new and exciting project???? Hmmm. Compromise. I will finish at least one of those 2 projects before starting the new one. Fair enough?



  1. Wow, as someone who can't knit but would love to know how, that box of yarn looks very intimidating to me! Good luck with the finished product.

  2. The colors are gorgeous. So are the roses in the background. Birthday roses?

  3. hi!

    keep us posted on the projects.


  4. Love the new yarn..Can't wait to see the throw all done.. I must say I love the roses too..


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