Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogging in exile....

I am kicked out of my home office today!

It makes me realize how much time I spend in there! I'm ALL laptop, so I can be mobile, but it's not the same. When my office is done (I guess that is another hint as to what my current project is), I will show it. I've never shown pictures of it before here on Lulu's Cottage, because that would involve cleaning it up. What with all the piles of papers and such....well, it just seemed to be too big of a task. I miss my big screen monitor, my printer, my desk, my chair ....well actually, this one in my sewing room is pretty comfy too!

So, I am banished to the downstairs. Seems like a good time for UFO's. I do have a few projects that I would like to finish. In fact, I have a couple of pictures that I have been wanting to here we go...this is a necklace that my daughter made during our beading day last week. She is working soooo much this month, that I will barely even see her. I'm so glad that we got to spend that day together!

While she did that, I pulled out a UFO (UnFinished Object)...this cute little "Amulet Bag", that I started months ago. I made it with vintage trim and beads. I don't know what I will actually "do" with it, but it was fun to make and it's pretty. Guess it will just hang as a decoration in my sewing room with the others!

Now that I am in my sewing room, I feel like MAKING something! Gotta go sew!



  1. Beautiful projects!! Looks like both you and your daughter are very talented!

  2. I love the double strand necklace. The colors are great - love that deep red.

    And an amulet bag I have never heard of before but it is so cute I can't stand it!

  3. Such pretty beading projects. Looks like fun. I have done some beading, but it has been awhile. I wish my sewing room was better organized so I can pick up some of these other projects to do more easily.


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