Friday, January 30, 2009

Granddaughters's been almost a week since I have posted to my blog. And, I haven't been to visit my favorite blogs either! I have missed them all so much. It just shows how attached I am to blogland!

My Granddaughters came to visit. It was a day to get them here and a day back and two ENTIRE days to spend with them. We sure did cram in a lot in those two days, seemed like a week. We went to tea, it's a given. They KNOW that a visit to Grammy's house will include going to the Tea House. They were per
fect little ladies!!

I remember the first time I tried to teach them to crochet, it was a disaster! Knots and yarn everywhere. I thought if I never mentioned it again, that they would forget. Well, they didn't. They asked and asked about it. Then one day, I was reading an article in a knitting magazine. The article was all about a knitting designer, she was telling her "story". Somewhere in the story, she said that her Grandmother taught her to knit when she was 8. When I read that, it broug
ht tears to my eyes. At that time, my oldest grandaughter was 8!! I went to the store and bought them both knitting needles and yarn and on our next visit, I taught them to knit. Sure, there were knots and holes and there was also FUN! I told them it didn't have to be perfect. If they had mistakes, we called that "art".

So, of course, I told them to bring their knitting with them.

Each time we knit together, they get better at it. And, I KNOW that we are creating special memories!

They spent time at Auntie's house, rocking out to Rock Band and eating Macaroni and Cheese.

We went to lunch with their Great Grandmother, my mother in law. She showed them her airplane. This lady built this airplane her self. She had some help when needed, but it's all hers!! And, she loves to fly it. She will be 80 in a few weeks. What an inspiration!! The girls loved it!!

I planned for them to do a craft while they were here and it was a HUGE success, so I will share it with you. I let them use my camera to take all the "memory" pictures that they wanted. I would say to them, "each of you may take 5 pictures", etc. I had to put a number on it or it would take forever. So, each time we did something, like the Tea House or visiting Aunties, they took pictures. Those pictures were like a little window in to their brains! It was amazing to see what was important to them.

We organized their pics into folders and then they chose a few to put in a "memory book". We just bought a couple of very small photo albums at Walmart for a dollar. Then I bought them some stickers and on the long drive home they decorated their memory books. Those books turned out so precious! And now, if they start to miss Grammy and Grandpa, they can look at their memory book
and remember their fun trip!

I had a wonderful time, I'm still exhausted, and I am enjoying my quiet house again. I have to go look for something pink for tomorrows Pink Saturday.....see you then!



  1. sounds like you guys had a great time. that is great that they are knitting!

  2. That's fabulous Stephanie! You surely are making some extremely special, unforgettable memories with those pretty granddaughters of yours. :o)

  3. Lucky girls to have a loving, creative, patient Gramma. They obviously created memories for you too. Nice.

  4. Your granddaughters are adorable! I love the little memory book idea, what a great memento of their visit!
    Have a great weekend,

  5. something else we have in common. My dad (who is 85) is a lifelong pilot. He has an Emmeraude. (spelling?)
    He just got diagnosed with a heart condition and has to sell his beloved plane....but we have WONDERFUL memories of it....


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