Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Christmas Tree

06-01-09 ...Mr. Linky didn't like here for the Porch Party!

I cut my Tree in half!!

I prefer a fake tree. Years ago, I guess it was probably to save money. Or maybe I thought a real tree is messy. Someone asked me "don't you miss the smell of the pine tree?". Are you kidding? I LIVE in a forest of pine trees! I smell them all the time. And, I love it! So, I don't really need to have a tree inside, do I?

I digress. hubby pulled out the box and I went to work (and it's WORK) putting together my tree. I bought a new one last year. My old one was getting pretty shabby (not in a good way). I worked out all the kinks, put up some lights. Here is a question. Why does it seem like my lights only work for one year. Ugh. I had to get some new lights.

I just couldn't "get into" it. The tree was just sitting there waiting for me. Then one day, it struck me. It's TOO BIG! So, I got hubby to take off the bottom half and we put it on a table. This might help to keep the kitties off, it's their first Christmas, and...the doggies, they have already shown how they feel about the Tree and ornaments. TOYS TO CHEW!!

So, now with HALF the tree, I love it! I could not squeeze one more ornament on it! And so far, the animals have not wreaked too much havok...although there have been signs of efforts to do so.

We always put it right here in this window, so we can see it when we drive up.

This is what the room usually looks like...

And, here it is all ready for Christmas!

Again, before....

And, with Christmas!! What a difference a slip cover makes! I just love those pillows. They seem to go with anything!!

These are my Angels. They are always in the "Angel Corner". I read a book on Feng Shui once and all I remember for sure is that this is the Angel Corner. Fitting, don't you think? Do they need something underneath them? Any ideas? Fake snow?

Our fireplace is the focal of the entire house. All our family photos, prom pics, Christmas pics are right here in front of this fireplace. A life time of memories!

We are planning to put some molding on the wood (it's not great wood) and the new look will be white. Someday anyway. Hubby is always busy!

We are ready for Christmas!! How are you doing? All ready? I am truly enjoying visiting everyone's home for the holidays...virtually, that is!



  1. Everything looks so pretty and festive! Love your red slipcover! And your tree is beautiful!
    Have a great week,

  2. What a beautiful tree, and I love the difference in the room once it's all dressed up for christmas.

    I'd put fluffy tulle under the angels. (Maybe that's because I've got 2 little girls who like fluffy stuff...)
    Thanks for your sweet comment, too!

  3. What a difference that slip cover makes. That is a great idea to make your home more Christmasy. I love how it turned out.

  4. Your Christmas tree tree is so beautiful..! I love going as a family to cut down our Christmas tree. It's my favorite.

  5. the room looks great! those big windows are so cool!

  6. I love how you decorated for Christmas! I love the before and after. IT really shows the difference! The red couch makes the room look so warm and festive. And I love the tree bursting with pretties! Have a wonderful weekend. hugs, Ellen

  7. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous home! Your tree is PERFECT! I love the sofa transformation, and the mantle looks so holiday-cozy! Your angels are quite beautiful, too! =) Thank you for visiting my holiday party!

  8. You have a very lovely Christmas tree ! Good idea to change the slip cover ! I love your fire place ! I arrive from Louise's blog. My daughter is also participating at Louise Home Sweet Home Party :)
    Merry Christmas !

  9. Thank you for sharing this beautiful collection of photos full of inspiration for the season. Happy holidays to you and your family.


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