Friday, September 3, 2010

Red Blouse Refashion

Here is a Red Blouse refashion tutorial.

We wear all black and red and it gets hard to be creative. I wear more black and I could use some red. So, here we go....a blouse "refashion". This blouse is nice. It's red with little black pin stripes. But, I have only worn it once. It's too big and I just don't like the way it fits.

Dang. Why didn't I take a picture before I started cutting it all up? I think you can get an idea of the "before"....right?

I knew that I wanted it to be a little jacket. First thing I had to decide was how short to cut it. After that, I attached some black ribbon all along the bottom.

Then I decided to put some black ribbon all along the collar too.

I cut the sleeves and decided how short I wanted them to be.

Really short looked better. More "current".

How about changing the buttons? That would be nice.

I like these fabric covered ones. They would be perfect, IF they are the right size and the right amount. Note: I always remove buttons from clothes I get rid of. You can never have enough buttons.

I'm going to search through my stash of vintage buttons that I have collected at garage sales.

More choices.

Dang. Some of these are navy. That won't do. Only 3 black ones. I need 7!

Unless, I just space out the 3. What do you think?

I tried it on and it's still too big. So, I am going to make all four darts just a little bit bigger.

It fits perfect! I LOVE it! I also added a bow on each sleeve. I love bows. I'm super happy with my new jacket!!




  1. That is adorable! I loved following you through the process. Fun! And like you I also save the buttons off the things I get rid of too. Looks like you have a bigger collection than I do though. Now we need a picture of you wearing it!


  2. That is super cute. Very nice redo. Love it.


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