Saturday, July 18, 2009

Does my sofa need ironing?

Hello my sweet little blog....I've missed you! Really I have. I've thought about so many things to post, what happened to me??

This bag contains the slipcover that came with my sofa when I bought it several years ago. Yes, I finally bought the WHITE sofa that I had wanted for sooooo long. The lady also sold me a store model blue slipcover, and I thought it was such a good deal that I would have it for a spare. And, it's been on the sofa ever since.

I got it in my head that I would put on the white one if I ever got hardwood floors. Well, a few months ago, we had new floors put in. My son in law did an EXCELLENT job installing them. Then I realized that this slipcover was going to be a whole lotta WHITE, so I needed brighter pillows. I couldn't find the right pillows and proceeded to make slipcovers for the ones I already have. Someone told me (here on my blog) that this would be easy. I guess I had my doubts because I really procrastinated. Until yesterday. And, yes, they were pretty easy. They aren't perfect, but they look good and feel great!

The bare sofa looks white....until I brought out the white slip cover. Get out your sunglasses, this is going to be very bright!!

But, wait... first, a little reminder of what it looked like before. (notice the ugly carpet that I'm so glad to say is gone! Wonder who picked that out?? Wait that was me!)

Ta da!! Aren't the floors so pretty?

I can't help it....I still adore the blue one!!

I think I might put a white sheet on the couch...we do have a black cat afterall. And, what about this table? I always thought I would paint it white, but now I think not. Can I paint it a color? Any ideas? I need to find a coffee table party in blogland...



  1. Well I'm probably not the best one to ask because I love white. (My husband says I have a "white obsession".) My sofa and loveseat are slipcovered in white and I've painted all my furniture white so needless to say, I love your white slipcover...a lot!

    You have lots of options on the coffee table. What "look" are you going for? If you're not sure, try looking through decorating magazines and internet sites to find an "inspiration photo" of something you'd like to copy. That always seems to help me get my decorating direction.

  2. Your couch looks the white slipcover, and those cute pillows. A soft blue from your pillows would look pretty on your coffee table.

  3. Everything looks wonderful!
    I love your floors. I'm hoping to have wood floors installed before the end of the year.

    Then we'll almost have matching living rooms. LOL
    Green walls, white couch, wood floors, ... :-)

    Beautiful room!

  4. I love the new wood floors and your white slipcovered sofa. How about painting the table the same color green as your walls? Just a thought.


  5. Stephanie, love the sofa and the covers. I think I love the white, but I like the blue too!

    You've been tagged! Stop by my blog when you get a chance.

  6. Since you love the blue on the first couch.......why not paint the coffee table a robin's egg blue? I love bright colors so I'd definitely do a red or yellow...but blue would be really soft!! Love your room!!!


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